Daniel - Name Meaning

According to some, the name Daniel is a name with a meaning that comes from the idea of judging God. The act of judging God is not an act to be taken lightly. With this name, the child may be bestowed with the energy of questioning others in authority. But this may sound like a bad thing to some families who do not want to encourage that behavior.

At the same time, a child who is told they can question others is a child that always asks questions and reveals more about the world around them. They are free-thinkers and they are always the ones who can perceive more than just what’s at the surface level.

With the name of Daniel, you can shorten the name to Dan, Danny, or even Danny-boy, if you like. In families with a lot of children, this differentiation can be helpful and a fun way to create a nickname. You might also look at this name as a way to bless your child with the idea of skepticism, something that can aid them in school and in life.

You can choose to use the name Daniel before or shortly after the birth, depending on your family’s tradition. When you choose to name your child before they are born, they can be infused with the energy of the name. Or you can choose to look at your child once they are born to see if they can hold a name like Daniel well.

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