Chloe - Name Meaning

While often used in France as a baby name, Chloe is just now beginning to take hold as a popular girl name. With the meaning of fresh shoot or blooming, this is a lovely name choice for a new child, helping to celebrate their growth today and in the future.

When thinking about a new plant, think about the way in which it bursts from the ground, ready to take in the sun. And when the plant takes in this new sun, it is able to grow even more beautiful and strong. This name is particularly good when you want instill the energy of boundless growth for your child – and what parent doesn’t want this for their future?

By naming a child Chloe, you are able to create the energy of bursting forth from darkness out into the light. This is a child that might be need to have time on their own to fertilize their thoughts, but when they are ready, they are able to grow tall and strong, no matter what they grow up to become.

A child with the name Chloe is a child that is able to grow strong with the help of friends and family. They are someone who is also ready to burst forth and show their beauty to the world because they can – not because they need to prove anything.

While one might use the name Khloe instead of Chloe, there aren’t traditionally nicknames associated with this girl name.

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