Brianna - Name Meaning

Many girl names end in the ‘a’ sound because they have a more feminine feel to them. Brianna is becoming more popular, but not for this reason alone. Brianna is a name that means noble and virtuous. This is a name that can create a strong energy for the child, helping them look at life in fair-minded way. At the same time, being far and virtuous can be challenging in today’s world, even virtue is not always valued.

Also seen as Briana, this name can also cause a child to be more likely to argue for what they believe in. While this is not a negative trait, it can cause conflict when the child is strongly committed to their argument. Additionally, being virtuous can come across as being self important, which can present challenges in some relationships.

A child with the name of Brianna is a child who is ready for the perils they might face in the world. Once they realize what their personal code is, they can begin to see how they need to interact in the world in order to be noble. They will make decisions based on this code and find ways to stay virtuous.

With a name like Brianna, the child might be inclined to be in positions where virtue is important and when being noble can help others. In a sense, they become a person who is ready to stand up to others, because they believe so strongly in what they believe.

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