Ava - Name Meaning

When a child is given the name of Ava, it might be simply because it’s a lovely name that dances across the tongue. This Persian name actually means a pleasant sound and a musical tone, so this makes sense. A child that is given the name of Ava may have the opportunity to create pleasant sounds in their own life, as they already hear a pleasant sound each time their name is called.

If you choose to give your child the name of Ava, you might find they are more likely to be drawn to creative pursuits and to things of beauty. This might look like an artistic side or a musical side, or it might simply look like a life dedicated to finding out where the beautiful things are.

A child that is blessed with the name of Ava will also find they are more open to listening to others, which can encourage them to be more willing to speak up. Indeed, in the act of listening, much can be changed and revealed. The child might also have a special song to share with others, in the form of music or a special piece of knowledge.

While Ava is not traditionally shortened or made more casual, there is little reason to change it. This musical name is one that people love to repeat aloud. This name can also be easily combined with a longer last name, helping to create a simpler overall name that is easy for a child to write and to remember.

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