Ashley - Name Meaning

The original meaning of the name Ashley is to live in an ash grove. This nature based meaning is certain to appeal to those who want to be more connected to nature, or to those families who have a passion for the outdoors. With this name, a child can become more familiar with the outdoors as they grow up, feeling a special connection to the natural world around them.

A child that has been given the name of Ashley is also given the possibility of being someone who is able to connect with nature in meaningful ways. Whether this looks like a job that involves being outside or it looks like a devotion to caring for plants and animals, this is a child who will be someone who can understand the needs of the world around her.

This girl name of Ashley is a name that can also be shortened into Ash or Shley, helping to create a more fanciful tone. In taking on the name of Ash, the child may find they are more connected to what’s going on in the world around them, even when they’re miles from the nearest forest.

At the same time, the connection to nature can be challenging as no one person can change the way the world supports nature. Someone with the name of Ashley may find they are always working hard to save plants, for example, but they also need to remember they can call on others to help as well.

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