Anthony - Name Meaning

Many families right now are choosing the name Anthony for their child. With a meaning of ‘flower,’ some may not understand how this can relate to their child, but it’s a great way to add the energy of creation to your child’s life. When you think about a flower, think about the things it needs to go through in order to bloom. Not only does it have to have the right conditions, but it also needs to have sunlight, water, and attention.

A child with the name of Anthony is someone who will be able to flourish when they have the right conditions. As a parent, you have the opportunity to give them the best conditions possible, but you will also show them how they can take care of themselves when they’re not at home anymore.

Anthony can also be shortened to Tony, which can be a fun way to add a family nickname to their identity. Or the entire name can be used in any setting.

The name Anthony is one that is strong and that allows the child to be clear about the fact they are growing and they are going to continue to grow. With the energy of this name, the child will understand they are also a part of the world, and affected by the things that happen around them. When they can create the best possible environment, they can create growth and beauty. They continue to grow too, even when it seems there is no chance.

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