Andrew - Name Meaning

The Greek name of Andrew is associated not only with being a male, but also with being a warrior. When a child is thrust into the world, they might not see themselves as having much power over anything, but this name can help remind them they are the ones in control of their life and its outcome.

Andrew is a name that can work as Andy or Drew, as well, so there are choices for nicknames, when appropriate. Many families will also use this name to counterbalance a longer last name.

For those who have the name of Andrew, the energy of the name can impart several different scenarios. For one, this name can cause the child to feel as though they are always on a mission or on a quest to win. With this attitude, they are often more competitive and more likely to fight for what they believe.

On the other hand, those who have a name like Andrew might also have to be reminded that the energy it takes to fight others isn’t always a bad thing. If the child begins to feel they are overcome by the world around them, they can think back to the idea that they are a warrior – or at least named to be one.

While it’s true that this name has been used for women as well, the energy of Andrew is one that is specifically male. When this name is given to a male child, it is given with the understanding they will become a compassionate warrior.

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