Alyssa - Name Meaning

When you think about the idea of being noble, many people attribute this to men. But the name Alyssa is derived from ‘to be noble,’ so girls can also take on this characteristic. In creating the essence of nobility, there are a number of likely ways in which this might play out in the child’s life.

Being noble isn’t just being in the court or being of a higher station in life. This position also requires a person to be of the utmost moral character. They are fair and they are able to see what is right to do. An Alyssa can be called to higher purposes in life and to create circumstances in which they have to act with a conscience.

In choosing the name of Alyssa, you might bestow upon your child the passion to stay true to one’s self. This is a strong quality to cultivate, one which will allow a child to be able to withstand the opinions of others, knowing they understand their core essence.

Also, a child with the name of Alyssa may find themselves constantly challenges about their beliefs, since not everyone has the same noble attitude. But when they know what they are doing is right, they move forward regardless.

Often, this name is shorted to Lyssa or Lissa or Lyss, in casual situations. But the full name of Alyssa is used just as often since its lyrical sound is easy to pronounce and it stands out from other names.

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