Alexis - Name Meaning

While you may not want to give your child a name that implies they will struggle in life, the name Alexis has a special meaning for a girl: defender. This name can allow the person to be connected to supporting others and to defending the rights of those who need support.

With the name of Alexis, you might think of Alexander the Great and other famous Alexanders of history. While they were not always perfect, they stood up for what was right and they defended the honor of those who needed help. They were clear in their purpose and they were fair in the way they fought – most of the time.

A child that is given the name of Alexis can be called to careers that involve defending others, i.e. lawyers. At the same time, they might simply become a peacemaker in their relationships, helping to mediate disputes between people, while also helping to create a new understanding in the world around them.

For a girl with the name of Alexis, she may be called to defend herself as well, knowing that she might not always have the popular opinion. She might need to take time to determine what is fair for others and what she needs in order to be happy – as well as to keep the peace.

While an Alexis is not responsible for the peace of all the world, if she is able to change the energy in her space in the world, that is a great act in and of itself.

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