Alexander - Name Meaning

Alexander is a name that is still in the top names for boys right now. Meaning ‘defending men,’ this name is one that is often given to children who grow up to be champions and defenders of others. These children are also often the ones who are going to be in the playground, defending weaker children from the bullies of the world.

At the same time, the child that might be a little weaker can benefit from the name Alexander. This child will know that they are unique qualified to defend others, and that they have the strength and the power to do so. When the child has the energy of Alexander in their lives, they can be reminded of the battles of Alexander the Great, for example.

While not every child is going to grow up to be a warrior, they might grow up to be a lawyer, someone who is arguing for what is right and what is truthful. Indeed, this name can help to infuse the child with the power and the courage to say what needs to be said, even when it’s hard to say it.

Often, the name Alexander is going to be shortened to Alex, and it can even be shorted to Xander in some families. No matter how the name is used, Alexander is a name that allows the child to remember they are the ones that can be the voice and the protector of others.

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