Abigail - Name Meaning

While not every girl wants to be daddy’s little girl, Abigail is a name that sets up this dynamic quite early, if you know the meaning. The meaning of Abigail is ‘father’s joy,’ which is a lovely way to give a child a name that connects her to her father immediately.

Families that already have children that are boys might find that Abigail is a name that creates a lovely introduction into the family of mainly men. Often shortened to Abby, this name is also one that has grown more popular in the past few years, in response to celebrity names.

Other possible ways to shorten this name are Abi or Abbi, helping to create a cute tone for the name, especially when the child is younger or more energetic. As time moves on, the child may find they want a name that is less lilting at the end.

A child that is her father’s joy is one that is able to have a strong connection with her father, and this might also point to father being God. In any case, a daughter that has the name Abigail may not always have the best relationship with their dad, but they might have the energy that allows them to connect deeper into their relationship with their father than another child may be able to do. Of course, every family is different, but this blessing from the father is certainly a lovely way to celebrate the relationship before it begins.

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