First Name Meanings

Chloe - Name Meaning

While often used in France as a baby name, Chloe is just now beginning to take hold as a popular girl name. With the meaning of fresh shoot or blooming, this is a lovely name choice for a new child, helping to celebrate their growth today and in the future.

When thinking about a new plant, think about the way in which it bursts from the ground, ready to take in the sun. And when the plant takes in this new sun, it is able to grow even more beautiful and strong. This name is particularly good when you want instill the energy of boundless growth for your child – and what parent doesn’t want this for their future?

By naming a child Chloe, you are able to create the energy of bursting forth from darkness out into the light. This is a child that might be need to have time on their own to fertilize their thoughts, but when they are ready, they are able to grow tall and strong, no matter what they grow up to become.

A child with the name Chloe is a child that is able to grow strong with the help of friends and family. They are someone who is also ready to burst forth and show their beauty to the world because they can – not because they need to prove anything.

While one might use the name Khloe instead of Chloe, there aren’t traditionally nicknames associated with this girl name.

Lauren - Name Meaning

Like many other popular names today, Lauren is derived from the natural world – the laurel tree. But this laurel tree has other meanings, as seen in mythology and history. The laurel branch, for example, was wrapped around the heads of those who were victorious, helping to show who was effective in battle. This isn’t to say that naming your child Lauren will cause them to be in battle, but if they are, they will have the wisdom they need in order to be the victor.

The meaning of Lauren speaks to the idea that there is victory in wisdom. We all have wisdom in some sense, even if we don’t realize it. When a child is given this name, they are given the opportunity to remind themselves they know what to do or they will know what to do when the time comes to make a decision.

Lauren is also related to Laura, so this can be an alternative to this name. In wrapping your child with the laurel branch of victory, you show them that you believe they can be a success at all that they do, even if there isn’t a battle to be fought.

With the name Lauren, there is also a tone of sophistication that often comes along with wisdom. This child is graceful in their actions, focused in their beliefs, and ready to take the next step in life. A Lauren is decidedly calm in the face of conflict, and ready to emerge from the situation positively.

Brianna - Name Meaning

Many girl names end in the ‘a’ sound because they have a more feminine feel to them. Brianna is becoming more popular, but not for this reason alone. Brianna is a name that means noble and virtuous. This is a name that can create a strong energy for the child, helping them look at life in fair-minded way. At the same time, being far and virtuous can be challenging in today’s world, even virtue is not always valued.

Also seen as Briana, this name can also cause a child to be more likely to argue for what they believe in. While this is not a negative trait, it can cause conflict when the child is strongly committed to their argument. Additionally, being virtuous can come across as being self important, which can present challenges in some relationships.

A child with the name of Brianna is a child who is ready for the perils they might face in the world. Once they realize what their personal code is, they can begin to see how they need to interact in the world in order to be noble. They will make decisions based on this code and find ways to stay virtuous.

With a name like Brianna, the child might be inclined to be in positions where virtue is important and when being noble can help others. In a sense, they become a person who is ready to stand up to others, because they believe so strongly in what they believe.

Taylor - Name Meaning

Many people are now turning to traditionally masculine names for girl names, and this allows for more opportunities for name choices. Taylor, for example, is a more common girl name than it is a boy name, it seems, but it is still found in families in a variety of ways. Coming from the occupation of ‘tailor,’ this name is one that speaks to the idea of creation and of forming something with one’s hands. In doing so, one takes pieces and creates something of use and of beauty.

A child with the name of Taylor may be drawn to the idea of putting things together, of figuring out how to make things fit. While they might actually create clothes, they may be drawn to the act of creating something from pieces. This might be a poem, a story, or a business plan. This energy allows them to be able to see that every part is useful, even when it doesn’t seem like much on its own.

If you choose to name your child Taylor, you can shorten it to Tay, but most of the time, the name is used in its entirety. This name allows you to offer your child the energy of creating something and the energy of being able to find solutions to problems as they come up. Another part of being a tailor is that you need to measure something and adapt the pieces as needed – a lesson that we could all use in our lives.

Ava - Name Meaning

When a child is given the name of Ava, it might be simply because it’s a lovely name that dances across the tongue. This Persian name actually means a pleasant sound and a musical tone, so this makes sense. A child that is given the name of Ava may have the opportunity to create pleasant sounds in their own life, as they already hear a pleasant sound each time their name is called.

If you choose to give your child the name of Ava, you might find they are more likely to be drawn to creative pursuits and to things of beauty. This might look like an artistic side or a musical side, or it might simply look like a life dedicated to finding out where the beautiful things are.

A child that is blessed with the name of Ava will also find they are more open to listening to others, which can encourage them to be more willing to speak up. Indeed, in the act of listening, much can be changed and revealed. The child might also have a special song to share with others, in the form of music or a special piece of knowledge.

While Ava is not traditionally shortened or made more casual, there is little reason to change it. This musical name is one that people love to repeat aloud. This name can also be easily combined with a longer last name, helping to create a simpler overall name that is easy for a child to write and to remember.

Grace - Name Meaning

Most families will choose the name of Grace for the obvious meaning that the word conveys. But what you might not realize is that Grace can also mean goodwill, which is another lovely meaning for a child’s name. the child that is able to connect to the essence of goodwill from the start is a child that is going to understand how they have been blessed in life – and how they can reach out to bless others.

While the name Grace fell out of favor in the past few years, the simplicity and the idea of grace has become more popular today. Perhaps this is due to the idea that the world is much busier than it used to be, and we want something simpler. Maybe we are less interested in something complicated or new, and we want to return to an earlier and easier time.

No matter the reason, the name Grace captures the idea that a child can be who they are because they simply want to bring goodness into the world. Even though we all have days when we are less than loving to those around us, a child with the name of Grace has a constant reminder that they can not only act with grace, but they can also feel grace from those around them.

Naming a child Grace allows them to feel a calmness every time they hear their name, which is a gift to the child that will follow them for life.

Alyssa - Name Meaning

When you think about the idea of being noble, many people attribute this to men. But the name Alyssa is derived from ‘to be noble,’ so girls can also take on this characteristic. In creating the essence of nobility, there are a number of likely ways in which this might play out in the child’s life.

Being noble isn’t just being in the court or being of a higher station in life. This position also requires a person to be of the utmost moral character. They are fair and they are able to see what is right to do. An Alyssa can be called to higher purposes in life and to create circumstances in which they have to act with a conscience.

In choosing the name of Alyssa, you might bestow upon your child the passion to stay true to one’s self. This is a strong quality to cultivate, one which will allow a child to be able to withstand the opinions of others, knowing they understand their core essence.

Also, a child with the name of Alyssa may find themselves constantly challenges about their beliefs, since not everyone has the same noble attitude. But when they know what they are doing is right, they move forward regardless.

Often, this name is shorted to Lyssa or Lissa or Lyss, in casual situations. But the full name of Alyssa is used just as often since its lyrical sound is easy to pronounce and it stands out from other names.

Sophia - Name Meaning

Families have turned to newer names for their children, but they often tip their hat to the past. While Sophia was a popular name in earlier generations, it faded way in response to wanting more modern names. Today, Sophia is used more often, and this might be due to its meaning – wisdom. The idea of offering a child the name that means wisdom creates a powerful energy in their life.

Wisdom is not just the gathering of knowledge, after all. This is a deeper way in which one uses knowledge to create change in the world. A Sophia might be called to do what is right in her heart, even if she doesn’t understand just why she feels that way. In addition, a Sophia might be called to inspire others to find their true calling and path, as these are the ways to connect to wisdom.

With the name of Sophia, there is also an essence of femininity and a connection to martyrdom. This doesn’t mean that your child will want to die for what they believe, but they may have a stronger connection to their passion. They may be more likely to go into a field of study that is focused on creativity instead of practicality, but they are more likely to succeed because they have true wisdom.

Also used is Sophie, from the French language, instead of Sophia. Not often given a shortened form, this powerful name is able to create a powerful life for the child.

Sarah - Name Meaning

The name Sarah continues to be a popular choice for families, because of its biblical connection. With the meaning of princess, this is a name that is popular for girls, as every family may believe their child is a princess in some way. On the other hand, some families may seek to avoid this name, as the idea of being a princess is something that doesn’t have the same positive meaning for everyone.

What you need to keep in mind is that being a princess is not about being in a position of power necessarily, but rather being in a position where you can impact others. This name can help to create a feeling of importance in life, and that importance can lead to helping others find happiness.

Another possible outcome for a name of Sarah is that this child may be able to have the things they want in life, more so than others. Whether this is due to family or due to hard work, the fact that a girl feels that she can have all that she wants is no bad thing. So long as the feeling of entitlement isn’t present, this presumption of self worth can help to create a fulfilling life.

Sarah is not typically shortened into a nickname, as it is already short. It can be spelled in different ways, including Sara. Families who choose this name for their little girl certainly show that they see her as being important in their world.

Alexis - Name Meaning

While you may not want to give your child a name that implies they will struggle in life, the name Alexis has a special meaning for a girl: defender. This name can allow the person to be connected to supporting others and to defending the rights of those who need support.

With the name of Alexis, you might think of Alexander the Great and other famous Alexanders of history. While they were not always perfect, they stood up for what was right and they defended the honor of those who needed help. They were clear in their purpose and they were fair in the way they fought – most of the time.

A child that is given the name of Alexis can be called to careers that involve defending others, i.e. lawyers. At the same time, they might simply become a peacemaker in their relationships, helping to mediate disputes between people, while also helping to create a new understanding in the world around them.

For a girl with the name of Alexis, she may be called to defend herself as well, knowing that she might not always have the popular opinion. She might need to take time to determine what is fair for others and what she needs in order to be happy – as well as to keep the peace.

While an Alexis is not responsible for the peace of all the world, if she is able to change the energy in her space in the world, that is a great act in and of itself.

Ashley - Name Meaning

The original meaning of the name Ashley is to live in an ash grove. This nature based meaning is certain to appeal to those who want to be more connected to nature, or to those families who have a passion for the outdoors. With this name, a child can become more familiar with the outdoors as they grow up, feeling a special connection to the natural world around them.

A child that has been given the name of Ashley is also given the possibility of being someone who is able to connect with nature in meaningful ways. Whether this looks like a job that involves being outside or it looks like a devotion to caring for plants and animals, this is a child who will be someone who can understand the needs of the world around her.

This girl name of Ashley is a name that can also be shortened into Ash or Shley, helping to create a more fanciful tone. In taking on the name of Ash, the child may find they are more connected to what’s going on in the world around them, even when they’re miles from the nearest forest.

At the same time, the connection to nature can be challenging as no one person can change the way the world supports nature. Someone with the name of Ashley may find they are always working hard to save plants, for example, but they also need to remember they can call on others to help as well.

Elizabeth - Name Meaning

The religious undertones of the meaning of Elizabeth are hard to ignore. With ‘My God is a vow’ as the meaning, it’s clear that a person with this name will be faced with many spiritual concerns in their life. This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, as the name also seems to imply that the person is going to have spiritual strength from which to draw.

In giving the name of Elizabeth to a person, you can also use names like Liz, Beth, and Elizabeta if you like. These different forms allow for the use of nicknames, while also helping to create a unique name for the person as they grow older. With each name can come a new transition and identity, helping a person continue to become someone new.

With the idea of God being a vow, this can mean that the person will be led down the path to their happiness in a variety of ways. So long as the person is able to create a connection to their form of spirit, they can continue to be supported and nourished in this journey. Often, people with the name Elizabeth find themselves in relationships that are deeper than others, as they understand their purpose in life is to be something connected to all things.

No matter what your spiritual upbringing or belief system, the name Elizabeth can help to bless a child with the idea of purpose and of grace. Perhaps the greatest lesson of this name is that we are all blessed and watched over.