Leo March 2015 Horoscope

Leo March 2015 monthly horoscopeThere are three main influences grabbing your attention this month, but in a way that they’re not competing with each other and while operating in different compartments, won’t impinge on the other. Those three influences are your relationships, money matters and a sense of adventure, with all three coming together this month. To start with there may be some personal and/or relationship tension, as for the fourth but also for the last time since New Year’s Day, planets moving through your relationship sector move into opposition with Jupiter, in your sign. January/February are always the most active months of any year for relationship matters, but for the first time in 12 years the planets have returned to find Jupiter in your sign, who is refusing to let relationship needs come before your own needs, at the same time that relationship forces have demanded that they came first. Having first moved into opposition with Mars, then Venus and early last month the Sun, the last planet to stand up to Jupiter is Mercury, planet of communication, on the 1st/2nd March. This is not only the last standoff, but having returned to your relationship sector on the 5th January for what should have been a 2 week visit, Mercury has been here long enough to know how to help turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. There’ll be no more tests after this, with Mercury remaining in your relationship sector until the 13th March, ensuring to the end that the communication lines are open. In the meantime, while the Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of March in your financial sector, by the time he returned last month your financial desires, passions and fighting spirit were already fuelled. Mercury’s return on the 13th March will bring the smart head for money needed to bring things home. While Venus will return to your career sector on the 17th March, opening the door to some of the best professional months of the year, she’ll work with Mars, who will carry on after she leaves, to fuel a desire and a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences.

Leo March 2015 Love Horoscope

While the early days of the month may bring some familiar personal and/or relationship tensions and a sense of ‘here we go again’, this time it really is the last hurdle. Since New Year’s Day when Mars, moving through your relationship sector moved into opposition with Jupiter, there have been three oppositions between personal and relationship forces, with Venus moving into opposition in late January, the Sun in early February and now this month with Mercury moving into opposition on the 1st/2nd March. However, this fourth opposition really is the last and as it’s between Mercury and Jupiter it’s likely to be the best, in terms of outcomes. January/February are always the most active months of any year for relationship matters, but for the first time in 12 years as the planets move through your relationship sector they’ve found Jupiter on the other side of the sky, in your sign and in opposition, refusing to let your relationship needs come before your own. At the same time relationship forces have refused to let your personal needs come first, hence the clash between the two. The ultimate aim is to find a real and authentic balance between the two and if anyone can do that it’s Mercury and Jupiter. As the planet of communication and especially having already spent time in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, Mercury will be determined to use this as an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. Mercury won’t leave your relationship sector until the 13th March and with the Moon moving through your communication sector from the 7th March to the 10th March, whatever the early days of the month brings up will have no trouble finding its voice. In the meantime, with Saturn spending his third month in your romantic sector you’ll also need to keep the spirit of romance alive, something you’ll need to work at and not assume the love gods will take care of it.

Leo March 2015 Money Horoscope

The focus is always going to be on money matters at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of March in your financial sector and even the Full Moon in your income sector on the 6th March is par for the course. Taken in isolation and not looking at what has gone before, what you have is a text book example of what to expect in March, with the Sun shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation, matters and options, getting everything out in the open and a chance to update your expectations. While the Sun will leave on the 21st March, with Mercury returning on the 13th March and then staying on until the 31st March, here when a New Moon on the 20th March brings a chance to draw a new line in the sand, you have the rest of the month to bring things home. The Full Moon in your income sector on the 6th March will always fall at some point during this annual financial update, with a chance to bring both financial and income matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point. If we were to take this month in isolation this is where I’d stop, but this is only part of the story. This financial update didn’t begin with the Sun’s return last month, in fact it began with Mars and Venus’ return in January and having left during the Sun’s early days, by the time this annual financial review began your financial desires, dreams, passions and fighting spirit were already fuelled. With a huge amount of motivation banked, your financial confidence fuelled and bold financial dreams and aspirations already on the table, as well as a need to focus on more mundane financial housekeeping, you’re also likely to be tackling bolder quests. With Venus returning to your career sector on the 17th March that Full Moon in your income sector on the 6th March will come in handy, giving income matters a push just 11 days before new professional doors open.

Leo March 2015 Business Horoscope

There are two stories happening this month, which come together to create one bigger story, one that suggested that you have a much better professional month on your hands than you had expected or as conditions suggested in the early days. This is and should be a fairly low key but confident month, especially for work matters. With career matters not usually kicking off until later April and into May, this gives you some breathing space and with Pluto spending his last full month in direct motion in your work sector, to slowly get your bearing and work behind the scenes. After a busy end to 2014 and start to 2015, it was last month that an alignment between Ceres and Pluto, the two dwarf planets that will keep work matters ticking over all year, has given you a chance to redefine your priorities, making it easier to work smarter and channel your time and attention into the things that matter, making it much easier to pick your battles wisely. This is the first story that is happening this month and it will continue, with Pluto slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn next month, easing back the pace considerably. However, it’s not the only story, with a Full Moon in your income sector on the 6th March holding clues to the fact that something else is about to happen. This is a Full Moon that will always bring income matters and opportunities to a head, turning and/or tipping point and after a real push to get work matters up to speed is often a chance to benefit financially from hard work already invested. However, this is also likely to bring a boost in professional confidence and anticipation, over 6 weeks before the Sun is due to return to your career sector. While that’s still the case Venus, who last year didn’t return until the 29th May is returning on the 17th March and Mars, who didn’t return at all is returning on the 1st April. While a slower pace will remain in play on the work front all month, new doors will open and career and professional opportunities will start developing from the 17th March.

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