Aries April 2015 Horoscope

Aries April 2015 monthly horoscopeWhether you are a March or an April born Aries, with the Sun here until the 20th April this is your birthday month, a gateway into your new solar year, one you already have a massive head start on. With Venus already been and gone and Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos and your ruling planet leaving on the 1st April, you will already have a sense of what you want from the coming year, what excites you and a new sense of fearlessness. A year of simply going through the motions and taking another run around the block won’t do, you want and need more from the future and journey ahead. For the first time in 12 years you’ve also moved into a new solar year with lucky Jupiter in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and for the first time in 28 years Saturn in your sector of travel, adventure, learning and discovery. Neither of these planets would let you move forward on autopilot even if you tried and with both in retrograde motion as you move into the new month, the doors are open to second chances and closed to old excuses. Jupiter’s direct turn on the 9th April will mark the point where matters of the heart shift from focusing on the past and onto the future, lining up for some special developments over the coming months. In the meantime, you’ve got a good month for income matters, with a procession of planets not only keeping things moving all month but contributing to a very real chance to smash through some glass ceilings. You’ve also reached an important month for friendship and relationship building.

Aries April 2015 Love Horoscope

The one thing that we can say for 2015 and the love gods involvement, is that there are plenty of shifts and changes, with each month bringing its own unique quality. Last month relationship matters took a back seat and while the spirit of romance dominated, for the whole of March this was split between Venus, planet of love’s desire to move on and Jupiter’s retrograde phase, which had your heart’s focus on the past, keeping the levels of romantic nostalgia high. To a degree things will look like a continuation of last month and especially in the early days, but it’s over Easter that everything starts to change. It begins with a total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on Sunday the 5th April, but with the Moon here for the majority of Easter’s long weekend, this will put the focus firmly on your relationships. With Venus, planet of love returning to your communication sector just a week later, whatever this lunar eclipse brings to a head or to your attention will soon have the support of the most important of all the love gods. Even Ceres’ return to a social and serendipitous part of your chart on Easter Saturday will contribute to an overall improving situation for communication, relationship and friendship matters. Not to be outdone and just as both relationship and communication conditions are improving, Jupiter’s direct turn in your romantic sector on the 9th April will not only shift your romantic focus onto the future, but will see the spirit of romance mount a comeback, kicking off what are destined to be the most romantically charged months of 2015.

Aries April 2015 Money Horoscope

While April will always see the focus shift to income matters, the last few years have been a bit of a letdown. Not only did you have to wait for the Sun’s return on the 20th April but with Venus arriving late, Mars not returning at all and pressure from Saturn in your financial sector, it would have been hard to make much, if any progress. This year the money gods are determined not to have a repeat of not only last year but the year before, with Venus having returned last month and Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returning on the 1st April. This will be Mars’ first visit to your income sector since 2013 and without Saturn demanding that you also focus on financial and money matters, in the face of financial tension and challenges there is a very real chance of shattering some glass ceilings. While Venus will leave on the 12th April this won’t be before fuelling a sense of entitlement and triggering the laws of attraction, with Mercury and his smart head for money returning just 3 days later, on the 15th April. With Mercury and Mars staying for the rest of the month, by the time the Sun returns to begin this year’s annual update it will be to reveal a very different landscape. While April is destined to be one of the most potentially lucrative months of the year, more important than any immediate gains and income opportunities is what this sets the scene for. It’s the glass ceilings you’re able to break through this month that will set the scene for even more growth once lucky Jupiter returns to your work sector midyear, kicking off your most expansive and opportune year for work opportunities in over a decade. You’ll have a chance to focus on money matters during the Moon’s monthly visit to your financial sector from the 6th April to the 8th April and as the last visit before returning as a Full Moon next month it will be important to pay attention.

Aries April 2015 Business Horoscope

While things may appear to ease back professionally this month this is not only part of the annual pattern, but begins a valuable review phase. The normal pattern of each professional year or at least it has been since Pluto returned to your career sector in 2008 and will remain so until he leaves in 2024, is that the most active months of any year for career matters will be December/January, sometimes spilling over into February or early March, followed by a review phase, before picking up again towards the end of the year. Then it’s usually in August/September that things get busy on the work front, just as professional hibernation ends. That hibernation period is when Pluto, in retrograde motion from April to September each year, puts things in review mode. This is the normal pattern that each professional year tends to follow, except this year there are some major variations, not to the overall structure which will stay the same, but to the variants over and above this. It all began with Ceres’ return to your career sector in early January, with her first visit in 4 years bringing a chance to redefine your professional priorities and in fact your whole definition of success. Ceres will leave on the 4th April, just 11 days before Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th April, taking one away and putting the other in review mode, but this is not goodbye for either planet. Ceres will return for a double dip visit in August and Pluto will turn direct in September, by which time the whole professional landscape will have changed dramatically. While it’s not until June that your biggest, most important but also busiest year for work matters in over a decade kicks off, already the professional and even the money gods are beginning preparations. As Ceres leaves your career sector and Pluto turns retrograde, this will send a clear signal that it’s time to pull back and not only begin a review phase, but start recharging your batteries. While the professional gods take a backseat this month and while you wait for new work conditions to unfold, developments on the income front will more than hold your attention.

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