Is Your Girlfriend Cheating on You?

Is she cheating?You’ve done it. You’ve found the woman of your dreams and no one can ever compare. Just when it seems like everything’s perfect, something seems a little off. Maybe it’s a little emotional distance that wasn’t there a couple of months ago. Or maybe it’s the new lingerie that mysteriously appeared in her hamper even though she’s never modeled it for you. You don’t want to come off as paranoid but something is clearly going on. Is she just a little phobic about commitment and taking an emotional vacation or has she found someone else? You need to know because the suspicion and jealousy are tearing you apart. Is your girlfriend exhibiting the classic signs of a cheating heart or are you misinterpreting her behavior? Take this quiz and find out how worried you should be. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Notice any changes in her wardrobe?
Yeah, she went out a bought a new one. It’s not her usual style.
A few new things but styles and seasons change, right?
Same old, same old. I may go out and buy her some new cloths myself sometime soon.
Speaking of her body, how is she taking care of it?
I’ve never seen her on such a tear. She’s dieting and has been working out nearly every day.
She’s been on one diet or another since we met.
No change.
Wow, have you ever met such a dedicated employee? When it comes to overtime, she…
Seems to be working half the night and on the weekend. It’s hard to get together regularly.
She’s been grabbing extra hours to pay off some bills. At least, that’s what she says.
You’re kidding right? She only works overtime when she has to and spends most of that extra time texting me about how much she hates her job.
Her phone rings while you’re out together. She…
She used to answer it on the first ring but now she glances at call display and lets it ring through to voicemail. It’s really out of character.
Sometimes when we’re busy doing something, she lets it ring through to voicemail.
She only turns her cell on to make outgoing calls.
You’re warming up to the idea of spending the rest of your life with this beautiful creature. Whenever you talk about the future, she…
Smirks and says “Sure, Bill”. Your name’s not Bill.
Gets glassy-eyed or fidgety.
Joins the conversation and debates you on baby names.
Does she want more or less sex?
Honestly, the action has slowed. She’s pretty tired lately.
She is all over me like a wild beast the minute we’re alone together.
Nothing’s changed there but who wouldn’t want more?
How’s her mood?
Wow, she’s super nice to me right now. You know, when she has time for me.
Perpetual PMS with mood swings out of the part. Please don’t tell her I said that though; she scares me.
Her usual cuddly self.
How’s the communication going? When you try to reach her, do you…
Usually ring through to voicemail or have to wait awhile for a text back.
She’s a little slow but I know she’s been busy.
The usual response time, unless she mad at me.

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