Is She After Your Money?

Is she after your money?Is that sparkle in her eyes love or is it just a reflection of the giant diamonds she’s expecting on Valentine’s Day? You work hard to amass your pile of cash. Unfortunately, the more money you have, it can sometimes seem like the more people want to use you to get to it. Everyone knows that there are women who judge a guy by the size of his billfold. After all, the expression “It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man” comes from somewhere. Does she really think you hung the moon or does she just expect you to buy it for her? Take this quiz and see how your date rates. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Okay, deep pockets, do you pay for every date?
Every date, every vacation, some of her bills.
Most of them but that’s only because I like the finer things. When she suggests a place, she usually pays.
Some of them. We tend to do things that don’t involve much money like rent movies or wander around exploring the city.
You pass her a jewelry box from Tiffany’s & Co. She…
She opens it up and lifts the jewelry out with an appraiser’s eye. There’s a good chance she may look disappointed or ask to exchange it.
Looks impressed and rips it open with the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas.
She says I shouldn’t have. I think she’s pleased but kind of embarrassed by the expense.
You mention those two fateful words—prenuptial agreement. What’s does she say?
“It would have to have a sliding payment scales to accommodate any kids we have.”
“People who trust each other don’t need a pre-nup.”
“Sure but I’ll have to get a lawyer to look at it first.”
Your girlfriend’s idea of getting back to nature includes:
An all-expenses paid (by you) vacation to a tropical destination. She’ll repay this investment by strutting her stuff in a new bikini on the beach.
A long drive in the country with a little antiquing and a stopover at a quant restaurant for lunch.
A hike at a National Park or maybe a picnic.
When it comes to top designers, does she…
Know the current haut couture designers and can identify the designer of each dress at the party?
Recognize Nike and Gap as designer labels?
Have problems with the sweatshop labor overseas or refuse to pay more for a dress when she could grab a knock-off from Target next month?
What is her style?
Disney Princess
Bohemian Goddess
Casual Friday
Take a cold, hard look at the facts. Is she materialistic?
Yep, that’s my girl. The best of everything and lots of it.
It’s hard to tell. She squirrels her money away in her rainy day fund and retirement savings.
She’s an early adapter for electronics and other interests but only spends a lot of money on her passions.
You mention that you’re thinking of quitting the rat race and opening a small business based on one of your hobbies. She…
Looks like she swallowed a bug and constantly brings up the subject over the next few weeks in an attempt to change your mind.
Looks stunned and asks you if you’re serious. She points out some glaring holes in your plans.
Offers to shack up with you and pay the rent so you can concentrate on your business. Wonders aloud if you should go back to school to pick up some current experience in that area.

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