Is He the Right One?

Every woman will be looking for the right kind of man who can understand her mind and soul. Nothing can be as satisfying and enthralling as a woman finding the right men, whether in love or marriage. I am sure that even you will be looking for the most adorable man who can shower immense love and affection over you. It is also very common to see almost girls trying to find the tight type of men. In fact, they keep asking their mind a simple and straightforward question - Is he the right one? This intelligent test will help you find out if the man you love is the right one or not.

Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

How does he behave when you are with him?
Just like, I am the only girl in the world
He may be!
He is not the one!
Does he get well with your parents?
My parents know him
Yes, at times
They do not like him
Do you communicate properly?
Just great, we get along very well.
He calls me when he wants to talk to me out of sheer boredom
He barely talks to me
Do you feel that he is the right person to marry and set up a family life?
Yes, he is the right person
We still need to think about it
I do not think so
How does he behave with you when two of you are alone?
Like, I am his angel
With utmost respect and humility
Just like any other ordinary person
If gets angry with you, how does he behave?
He would sit by me and try to convince me why he got angry with me
He would just ridicule with a false smile
He would yell at him in a loud voice
What will you do when both of you are alone?
Talk about many things and share our minds
Cuddling up and kiss each other
We never spend time alone
How does he treat you when both of you are with his friends in a party?
I am still so close and important to him, even though he is making merry with his friends.
He treats me just like any other normal friends
He hates me for being there with his friends
What will be his reaction when you tell that you love him?
He would grin and say it is so nice
He will be just mute
He would ridicule or laugh at me
When you have a problem and approach him about it, he will
Jump up and asks you how he can help you
Simply say, he cannot help you
He does not give a damn




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