Does He Want Me?

Does he want me?You want him, you know you do. So what’s up with him? Is he in or is he out? Sometimes you catch him looking at you and you’re sure that he must be interested but then he ignores you the rest of the night. Or even worse, he leaves the club with someone else. Is he sending you mixed signals or are you just mixed up? Guys can be confusing, especially when they’re not sure what they want themselves. It’s time to take a close look at his behavior and figure out if you’re the one that he wants. It’ll help you sleep better at night, possibly with some company to keep you warm. Take this quick quiz to see if those smoldering glances are for you or the girl standing behind you. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Is watching you one of his favorite hobbies?
He can’t take his eyes off of me and I like it.
I catch him looking at me sometimes but I can’t figure out the expression on his face.
I haven’t noticed but I think he’s playing hard to get.
Does he “accidently” brush your arm when reaching for stuff? Does he find any excuse to touch you?
I think he wants to but he can’t get up the nerve.
No but I wish he would.
Do you catch him checking you out even when you’re not in a low-cut top or mini skirt?
Yes, and he’s undressing me with his eyes.
No but his behavior toward me doesn’t change with what I’m wearing.
No. Why would he if I’m not dressed for seduction?
When you go out, does he pick up the bill?
He usually ends up buying me drinks or food even though we’re not dating.
He pays for stuff here and there but so do I. It’s a reciprocal relationship.
No. Never.
When you start talking about his current or ex-girlfriend, does he change the subject?
Yeah, he doesn’t want to talk about other women.
Sometimes but only because I bring it up.
No, he vents about the woman in his life all the time and asks for advice.
Is he always interested in your plans and what you did last night?
Yes. He likes names, places, and details.
He’s seems interested in whether I went out on dates. He casually tries to find out if I’m into one-night stands.
No. He’s usually too busy talking about himself.
Does he change his plans to be with you?
Yes, he often shows up when I’m out with friends.
Sometimes and I catch him looking me over now and then.
No but we end up at the same place sometimes.
Does he send suggestive texts or email?
I certainly won’t be showing them to my mother.
Sometimes. I can’t tell if he’s joking or not.
No, he doesn’t text or email very much.

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