Does He Miss Me?

Does he miss me?Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? When one of you has to travel on a regular basis for a job, it can really try a girl’s ability to trust. That’s especially true if it’s early in the relationship. It’s hard not to wonder if he thinks about you when you’re not there, especially when he consumes your every thought. There’s even that little voice that wonders if he’ll be unfaithful. No one wants to mistrust their boyfriend, especially when it’s a worry based more on shaky confidence as opposed to hard evidence that he’ll stray. Some guys show that they miss you by calling and texting all the time but others are harder to read and show their feelings in unexpected ways. Is he spending his hours without you pining or partying? Take this quick quiz to find out if he’s thinking of you right now. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Does he text you or call you during your work day?
He calls every day at the same time during his break. If his job lets him, he usually texts a few times, too
Not often but he doesn’t have the kind of job that lets him make personal calls during shift.
You’re sick, really messy sick. What does he do?
Move mountains to be by your side.
He calls to check in regularly. Sometimes he texts instead of he thinks I’m asleep.
He goes about his business after finding out. I understand. No one wants to catch this.
When comes back from a business trip, he…
Brings me gifts, including the postcards and letters he didn’t have time to write.
He picks up something I mentioned wanting from that location.
Sleeps of the jet lag for a few days, then he calls.
When you’re apart…
He calls to moan about how lonely he is while he sits around watching TV.
He’s out with friends doing something I find boring.
He’s out partying or spending time at hotel bars.
When you’re apart for a few weeks, he…
Sounds depressed on the phone and tries to keep me on the phone half the night.
He gets grumpy and starts snapping at me on the phone.
There isn’t much of a change.
If you tell him to call at 8:00, he calls…
By 8:01.
Within 10 or 15 minutes.
I’m still waiting for him to call.
Mutual friends complain…
That he talks about you all the damn time.
That he’s gone soft since dating you
That he’s a party animal and kept them out half the night again. While you were at home.
If you broke up with him…
He’d be an absolute wreck.
He’d be upset and want to know why.
He’d notice. Eventually.

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