Does he know me?

Another important question that every girl or woman likes to ask is  does the man know me? Most probably, it is the most difficult question to answer by anyone. You have to be a very good mind reader to answer that dicey question. Nothing in a relationship happens until the man you love actually knows and identifies you. Knowing you is a positive vibe that sets the first real step towards a meaningful relationship. Until your man knows about, you can never take that first slippery step towards a permanent relationship. Most men are often expressionless even when they like someone. It may take some time for them show their intentions to the woman with who they would like to have a relationship. Women in love are desperate to know if the men they love actually know them or not. This test helps you ease your doubts and mind about these aspects.Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


When you look at him what will be his action?
He looks at me with all seriousness
He just smiles at me and looks away after sometime
Unfortunately, he just glances at me
When the two of you start talking, how does it start?
He is too enthusiastic while talking to me
We hesitate while talking and the conversation is halting
He is not too keen while talking to me
does he behave while talking to me? What is his body dynamics?
He often touches my hands and shoulders
He looks very passionate while talking to me
He looks disconnected and lost
How do his friends behave with you?
They gaze at me when they are with them
They are very nice with me
They do not show any reactions
Tell me more about his behavior
He is too enthusiastic while talking to me
He is too reserved while talking to me but opens up after sometime
He behaves as if I am not there
Does he inquire about me with his friends?
Yes, He does
Yes, at times
No, never
Does he give preference to me over others girls?
Yes, he does it always
Yes, at times
No, never
You walk into your class or office and he's already there working. What does he do as soon as you enter the room?
He looks at you and gives you a bright smile
He pretends that he is busy at work but will steal a glance at you
He never looks at you nor will he acknowledge that you are there
Did he ever tease or make fun at you?
Yes, Yes, he is so conscious about it
Yes, sometimes
No, never in his life
How does his eye look when he is looking at you?
They pop out so big!
They are just about normal
They stare emptily at me


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