Do You Impress a Girl on the First Date?

Impress girlYes, you’ve got your pay burning a hole in your pocket and you took a shower (you did remember that part, right?), but do you have what it takes to knock your date’s socks off? What about other items of clothing? Some guys are great conversationalists, they’re natural born leaders but then they get out on a date and just freeze. Or, even worse, they spend the entire night flubbing up. Think about it. On your last first date, did you talk about yourself a lot? Maybe too much? Or did you listen to what she said and ask questions. Did you take her to a movie or horseback riding? Take this quiz and see if you can figure out why she didn’t call you back. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Time to take her out to dinner. Where do you go?
I use my conversation superpowers to ferret out her favorite type of food and then research the best spots in town.
I call a week in advance to book a table at the latest hot spot.
I take her to the local fast food joint because, with thighs that big, she’s probably a regular customer.
It’s the big night. What do you do to get ready?
Shower, shave, deodorant, a bit of cologne, clean cloths, dress shoes. Heck, if I really like her, I even get a female friend to pick out the cloths.
Shower, shave, my favorite shirt and jeans, sneakers. I’m me and she should know what she’s getting into.
I’m running late so I head out as is. After a day at the gym. A hot summer day at the gym.
Her: “What do you do for a living?” You:
“I’m a caretaker at the hospital. I’m using the position to get a foot in the door and get the connections to work my way up the ladder. I’ve been there a couple of years and you would not believe the kind of stuff I’ve seen.”
“I’m a caretaker at the hospital. You would not believe the kind of crap I’ve had to scrape up off of the floor. And when I say crap…”
“As little as possible.”
Okay, she sure does like to talk a lot, doesn’t she? How do you handle it?
. I listen and ask questions. After all, the first date is about getting to know someone, right?
I listen for awhile but keep trying to steer the conversation to topics that interest us both. Maybe she’ll let me say more then?
I start to mentally drift and check out other people around the room. I doubt she’ll even notice.
Somehow the two of you have wandered into a conversation about exes. What do you do?
I mention that we grew apart and then direct the conversation back to her experiences.
I say nice things and how devastated I was when she dumped me.
Trash the old girlfriend to show that I’m over her.
How much do you spend?
As much as I need to spend to keep the date moving. I always plan to spend more when first dating someone.
I take out money beforehand and go with whatever’s in my pocket. If we do something impromptu, she’ll have to cough up the dough.
I ask to split the bill everywhere we go.
If you’re taking her to the movies, you:
Take her out to a movie and buy her snacks. I get her to agree to a movie before the actual date so I can pick up tickets in advance. A lady shouldn’t have to wait in line.
Take her out to a movie and buy her snacks. I get her to agree to a movie before the actual date so we can time everything properly.
Tell her it’s a surprise and take her to see the newest action film.
At the end of the night…
I drive or walk her home. At the door, I tell her that I had a great night and that she turned the head of every guy in the restaurant. I bring up something she mentioned earlier in the evening, another movie or event, and ask her if she wants to try and make it next week. If she says yes, I kiss her good night. If she says no, I hug her good night. I call her sometime over the next couple of days.
I’m not sure if she’s interested so I smile and say good night. I text to ask her out again a few days later.
I make my move. A date like this deserves some sex at the end.

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