Can You Stay Friends with Your Ex?

Friend with your ex“Let’s stay friends” or “We’re better friends than lovers”. Does it really happen that way? Your relationship has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Take a deep breath and prepare to excavate. Is there anything buried in there that can be salvaged? Do you have anything other than a hot sex life in common? That’s an important question since you probably don’t even have that in common anymore either. Some people come out of their relationship together and become lifelong friends. They look out for each other and always know they have someone that they can call when they need someone they can trust. Others, well, let’s just say it gets messy every time they lay eyes on each other. Take this quiz and find out if you should get together for a coffee or cross the street when you see him coming. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Did one of you cheat?
No. We were both faithful to the end.
Our relationship started with one of us cheating on their partner but we were faithful to each other.
Perhaps your question should be: how often did one of you cheat?
How would you describe your relationship?
Two peas in a pod.
Opposites attract.
Were you friends before you started dating?
Yes, for awhile. We got along so well that we thought we’d try dating.
No but if I’d known him well before our first date, I would have hung out with him.
No. We had one of those relationships where hate turned to love.
After the break-up, did one of you get a new girlfriend or boyfriend right away?
No, we’ve both been quietly single.
No but he was making the bar scene within days of the break-up.
Yes. In fact, I think that relationship may have started before we broke up.
What kind of things did you fight about?
Little things that seem insignificant now.
His wandering eye.
What do you think of the idea of “friends with benefits”?
I’d rather keep it friendly out of the bedroom so I can move on and find someone new.
I’m open to it.
Only to screw up his new relationship.
Is he the kind of guy you’d want as a friend?
Yeah, we hang out in the same group and I know I can trust him to look out for me.
Maybe? He’s not someone I’d hang out with while with my regular crowd but I’d see him one-on-one.
No, I expect better from my friends.
Be honest. Do you still have feelings for the other person?
Yes, friendly feelings. We broke up because we made better friends than lovers.
I’m not sure.
I’m angry and a little confused about why we broke up.

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