Are You a Jealous Girlfriend?

Jealous GirlDoes the knowledge that the blonde over there checked out your boyfriend make you want to scratch her eyes out? Do you wonder if he’s been leading her on somehow when you weren’t watching? Unfair accusations have a way of backfiring and convincing someone to do exactly what you accuse them of. After all, if you’re going to get in trouble anyway, why not cheat? Would you call yourself possessive? Or do you lean too far in the other direction and give off the vibe that you just don’t care? Ignoring your boyfriend’s activities is never a good idea. If he thinks you don’t care, he may leave And if he thinks your jealousy is too hard to deal with, that could drive him away, too. Take this quick quiz. If you recognize yourself, it could be that your behavior is in danger of driving a wedge between you. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


You have plans but he calls to cancel at the last minute because he has to work late. You:
Know he’s out with some chick.
Offer to pick him up for a late dinner and, if he refuses, just grab something for a quiet night in.
Reschedule and go about your business. It gives you a chance to finish that 1000-page novel you started last month.
Your friend mentions that she saw your guy out with another woman on the day that he was supposed to be out with his cousin from out of town. You…
Freak out. That cheating bastard!
Feel a flicker of doubt but then remember that his cousin is female.
Laugh at your pal because you already knew his cousin is female. No big deal.
Do you know his license plate number?
Of course. That way I can check and see if he’s where he’s supposed to be.
No, but I know his car model and color. You can’t help but notice that kind of stuff when you go out.
Are you kidding? I’m not even sure what kind of car he drives.
What do you consider to be an appropriate response time to your texts or messages?
Within a minute.
Ten or fifteen minutes if it was important.
Whenever he has the time.
Do you know where he is right now?
I know where he is every minute of every day.
We know each other’s schedules but I couldn’t guarantee he’s where he should be.
No. He has a life of his own.
He’s spending less money on you. Why?
He’s cheating.
He can’t manage a nickel to save his life.
He’s saving. Maybe it’s a present for me.
How much do you know about his past?
I could write his biography. Names, dates, descriptions; I know it all.
I know a lot. I’m interested in everything he does and the events that made him who he is today.
Whatever he brought up in conversation. I remember the relevant bits.
When you catch someone checking him out, you…
Accuse him of flirting with her when you went to the restroom.
Give her a glare and then, if he asks why, change the subject.
Are secretly thrilled because he’s all yours.

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