Are You a Boring Date?

Boring date?Yawn. Oops, sorry. Yes, maybe your date is tired. Maybe he really had a long day and a tough time at work. Sometimes dates actually do end at 9:30 at night. But, let’s be realistic, that’s usually a bad sign. The odds are good something has gone wrong. Again. Could it be that you’re boring your dates until they have no choice but flee? If your date’s attention is wandering and he’s looking around, it could be that he’s not trying to be rude. He’s just bored. Dating is about more than selling your personality and achievements to your date. It’s about finding out about that person’s hobbies, past, and dreams. It’s about making a personal connection. You can’t do that if all you do is talk about yourself or your job. It may be time to brush up on your dating skills so you can wow your next date. Take this quiz and find out. Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.


Your idea of a perfect date is to:
Rent us up some movies and sit on the couch all night. Maybe order food in.
Head out to a movie theatre or a bowling alley. Possibly a night club if we’re in the mood to boogie.
Skydiving. Naked.
Where did you go on Saturday night? What about the Saturday before that?
Why look at that, it’s the same place. I’ll probably take him there next week too.
We have a few favorite spots. Every now and then we do something different just to shake things up.
I can’t remember. We go everywhere together.
On a date, what do you like to talk about the most?
Me. Our relationship.
Him. Our similar interests.
Our conversations are all over the place. Everything from childhood memories to pop culture.
When’s the last time you did something impulsive?
I’m a planner. Impulsive stuff makes me queasy.
Every now and then but my schedule keeps me busy.
I’m reading this while parasailing.
I’m reading this while parasailing.
Turn around and go get it. He can wait.
Ask him to pay for the night and promise to plan something even better (and more expensive) to make up for it.
Rethink the plans quick and do something different (and free).
Let’s talk sex. Your favorite position is…
Can’t go wrong with the missionary. Plus, it’s less work for me.
The classics but we’ve been known to try something new on a whim.
You can’t print my answer in this space.
How often does your date start to lose focus and look around the room?
This happens all the time.
Occasionally. I just say something ridiculous and give him a minute to see if it registers.
I’ve never seen that. Is it a medical condition?
The most exciting subject on a first date is:
Politics. Religion. The point of the date is to figure out if you can spend the rest of your life together, right?
Common interests so we find common ground.
Deep, dark secrets, the sexier the better.

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