Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

Scorpio LoveScorpio today's love horoscope:

Thursday 26th of May 2016

An issue might exist within your emotional world surrounding who is a bit too reliant upon who and it's possible you're the one who's being a bit too needy. Consider how much of your keenness to rely on a loved one is motivated by fear, doubt or even suspicion and it might become clear how – and why - you can loosen your grip.

Scorpio tomorrow love horoscope:

Friday 27th of May 2016

A loved one or close companion could be more knowledgeable about a particular matter or possibly be able to see something within a situation that you can't presently, so be willing to be guided by them. It won't be a sign of weakness on your part to admit you don't know what they know and they'll be only too willing to assist, support or enlighten you.

Scorpio yesterday love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Desire to speak your mind could see you saying more than is necessary and a discussion or exchange could enter tense territory as a result. Making your point in a subtle way and leaving plenty of opportunities for someone close to respond will bring a much better result. Passion can still play a part in what you're saying but make an effort to ensure it doesn't control it.

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