Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Leo LoveLeo today's love horoscope:

Sunday 19th of January 2020

Making an effort to be more proactive than reactive in your emotional world or a special connection can be the catalyst to heartwarming progress now. That's why it's important to accept the difference between giving the one you love the space you believe they need and being at their side when they need you to be. Don't convince yourself that any support you offer is at risk of being smothering. The one you love is probably hoping they won't have to ask you to assist them.

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Monday 20th of January 2020

One proverbial door appears to be closing, and another is in the process of opening, so you know which you should move enthusiastically toward. A sense of the unknown could be strong, but let your Leonine instincts guide and inspire you. What has changed or been removed is a positive step forward and will soon reveal how you are free to embark upon a new relationship chapter about to unfold.

Leo yesterday love horoscope:

Saturday 18th of January 2020

You have delightful, sexy energy to apply to matters of the heart, and if a loved one needs to draw upon it, then don't hold back. This could come in particularly handy if the object of your affections is down in the dumps or needs your unique brand of passionate light-heartedness to turn their frown upside down or give them something to smile about in other ways. There could be something cleansing or healing about the energy you bring to a love connection now, so apply it generously.

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