Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Leo LoveLeo today's love horoscope:

Monday 21st of October 2019

You might be clear in your mind about how a romantic connection might have progressed but could adopt a more flexible or accommodating attitude toward this now. The best-laid plans can change suddenly and not necessarily undesirably. You might also be amazed at and delighted with what develops suddenly or unexpectedly between you and a certain person. The greatest pleasure can come from not having any rigid expectations.

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

It could be clear that progress in your emotional world or a special connection can happen and possibly on your terms. However, this will likely require you to go directly to someone rather than hope they will come to you. You taking the initiative in more than one way will bring the best results, even if doing so requires summoning some courage.

Leo yesterday love horoscope:

Sunday 20th of October 2019

A loved one's dependency or insistence upon including them in everything you do could start to wear thin. This could be a time when you find a lover or potential partner to be a bit too demanding for your liking, If the list of reasons why a relationship is becoming smothering or claustrophobic is increasing, then making your feelings known might need to be done sooner than later. Sometimes, being joined at the hip constantly is far from sexy.

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