Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Leo LoveLeo today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 17th of October 2017

The love of money could be the root of evil in a love relationship now. One of you has a different idea than the other about spending money to indulge in creature comforts. If you're a single Leo, then discovering someone shares the same beliefs as you in a particular area could lead to a superficial connection becoming something more – and in a short space of time, too!

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

Your heart's in the right place where wanting to bring an improvement or closure to a love life situation is concerned. However, the most effective strategy has to involve assessing it properly before taking action you believe will bring an improvement. That means leaving it alone or creating some distance between you and it briefly. You'll gain a much clearer idea of what your next move must be by doing so.

Leo yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 16th of October 2017

A loved one or potential partner could be thrilled to see you take a stand in some way, Whether this surrounds a matter of principle or you being quick to defend them, someone close will be in no doubt about how seriously you take a certain matter. If you're a single Leo looking for love, then being guided by selfless pride can bring you and someone closer.

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