Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

Capricorn LoveCapricorn today's love horoscope:

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

The path of least resistance could be appealing in more than one way where affairs of the heart are concerned at this time, but may not be the most sensible option to take. You could feel tempted to 'better a certain devil you know' than continue to feel uncertain or possibly insecure in some way. However, a step taken recently in your love life probably has yet to reveal how far-reaching or transformational it can be. Don't disrupt a positive process unfolding now by choosing to cling to what is familiar.

Capricorn tomorrow love horoscope:

Thursday 20th of June 2019

Although you could see a romantic relationship destination in the distance clearly, it's important that you let the dust settle in other ways before taking a bold step. If certain circumstances have changed recently in your emotional world or within a love relationship, then take some time to adjust to these before you risk bringing complications that hamper your passionate potential. Keep your eye on the prize but make sure your strategy to achieving or attaining it is a gradual and sensible one.

Capricorn yesterday love horoscope:

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

If you've been wrestling with what has appeared vague or uncertain in your emotional world or a special connection recently, then the proverbial penny could drop now or shortly. However, any revelation or epiphany you experience is unlikely to come from external influences or circumstances. What you discover could be the result of looking inward and learning something about yourself. If it's time to release outdated attitudes towards affairs of the heart, then doing so could be imminent.

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