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Can Love Horoscope help in love?

Love is a tricky thing. It can go from zero to sixty in three seconds. You lay eyes on that person that you’ve always been looking for and boom! Your hearts grows several sizes bigger. However, this early type of infatuation will not be the thing that can carry your relationship to the finish line. With time and intimacy, relationships always become that much more complicated than they were in the beginning. If not handled properly, relationships can stall or even fall apart altogether.

When it comes to keeping true love alive, its important to utilize all of the resources available to you. One incredibly valuable resource? The love horoscope. Love horoscopes give daily, weekly or monthly updates on where your personal relationship might be.

Please note: There is always a slight danger in using a blanket horoscope to predict your personal situation. Any given sign can get much more specific once specific details like rising sign, sun sign, etc. are incorporated into the prediction. So, always approach blanket statements with a grain of salt and take what you can from them.

For example, a love horoscope might read: Today, Virgo fears intimacy and craves alone time. Engaging in interaction with a loved one could lead to a blow up.

What’s the best way to incorporate your love horoscope without assuming it is predicting the exact truth about you and your situation? Use it as a roadmap. Rather than choosing to avoid hanging out with your loved one simply because the horoscope says you need alone time, use the horoscope as a guide to how you may react in your relationship on that particular day.

Let your love horoscope help you be aware of where you may be on a mental and emotional level. So, if a love horoscope mentions that you might need a little alone time, pay attention to that detail. It can help you avoid all types of misunderstandings. Consider the following situation:

You are hanging out with your loved one and suddenly decide that he’s boring, stupid and the last person you should be hanging out with. You seriously consider dumping him. By the way, for the past two years, he has been the love of your life.

Wow! What a sudden U-turn in emotions for a person that you love. This sudden P.O.V. could certainly damage your relationship. It might even lead you to making a snap decision that you could regret. This is where relying on the directions given to you by your love horoscope could come in handy.

If you had the thoughts listed above, what if you followed up with: Hey, my love horoscope said I might fear intimacy today. Rather than addressing these issues with my boyfriend today, I should reevaluate them on a day where I have a more positive relationship horoscope. If these feeling are still present, then I should weigh this relationship a bit more carefully.

Such a rational statement. And somewhat unexpected, especially at a time when it is very possible that your emotional love I.Q. is not where it needs to be. That’s why you want to pay attention to your love horoscope and take what you can out of it to improve your relationship. As with anything, the effort you put into making your relationship better will return to you ten-fold.

Love horoscopes can serve this function on an every day level. Start reading and paying attention to the advice love horoscopes are giving you. It can help you begin to evaluate your relationship in a pragmatic, rather than emotional fashion.



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