Love Horoscope

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope

Pisces LovePisces today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Even if you're determined to enjoy your own company at this time, you could find the pull toward the one you love to be exceptionally strong. However, you'll need to rely on your instincts to tell you if someone close needs some 'you time' as well. A bit of detached time might serve to make hearts grow fonder on both sides!

Pisces tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Instead of allowing confusing or uncertain thoughts to whir around inside your head, try to focus on what feels right, stable and comforting in the present. Even if you manage to experience a brainwave about your current romantic or relationship issue, you can be certain another will replace it shortly. You have a superb chance to accept how something less than perfect between you and a certain person also offers wonderful potential for magic. Pushing aside any distractions will help you to see this.

Pisces yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

You might experience a love life development that encourages you to step into the shadows and remove yourself from what's unfolding. This might offer brief comfort, but you know you'll need to emerge eventually. Rather than try to make sense of what's occurring alone, be willing to share your thoughts or concerns. Together, you and someone close can soon make sense of or resolve what appears confusing or unsettling.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

Capricorn LoveCapricorn today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

A loved one might appear to be trying extra hard to persuade you to change your mind or opinion about a matter you're keen to stand your ground about. The more someone close pushes you, the further they'll push you away if they're not careful. However, you won't be able to deny how passionately they feel about the matter. Understanding and accepting this makes reaching a compromise easier, even if it doesn't happen instantly.

Capricorn tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Continued thought and focus could be given to what you must balance between your work and love lives. It might feel as if professional progress is taking your mind and heart far away from closeness and intimacy you crave with a special someone. However, it's important to believe professional distractions won't be such an issue for much longer. So much is falling neatly into place in your world, and you can trust your love life isn't excluded.

Capricorn yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

After a period of uncertainty in your love life, positive momentum is occurring in a special relationship now. As obvious as it is that certain issues that were problematic in the past are less of an issue now, don't overlook how much effort and patience have been needed to get you to where you are now. More will be required, but you have a much greater and more reassuring outlook regarding what your efforts can bring. Don't stop doing what you're doing. It's working.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope

Sagittarius LoveSagittarius today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Even if you're priming yourself to reiterate a point to someone close, you could be relieved to discover you encounter no trouble being heard by the one you love at this time. Do all you can to capitalize on this positive, two-way energy. Also, try to let a conversational agenda dictate itself. Deciding that now could be ideal for raising awkward topics could disrupt what's flowing smoothly and bring complications. These can be addressed another time, not now.

Sagittarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

You might need to be honest with yourself about the difference between being impulsive and being irresponsible or reckless when it comes to affairs of the heart. Your head and heart could be processing so much information that you could decide to see the influx of info as an annoying distraction and throw yourself into a love life plan without testing the water. Stop and consider what you're expected to get to grips with. This information is arriving gradually for a very good reason.

Sagittarius yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Gaining a positive perspective about love permeates your emotional world in more than one way. You're not inclined to dig deep for answers if you're aware of how bright and hopeful your emotional world is shaping up to be. Don't underestimate how your feel-good factor can do much more than bring a smile to a loved one's face, too!

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

Scorpio LoveScorpio today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Your desire to focus all your attention on the object of your affections could cause time to slip away and leave you aware of how your own needs have been ignored. The future needs focusing on and addressing, regardless of how caught up you are in focusing your passionate energy elsewhere. Don't allow an issue that is being conveniently swept under the carpet to continue to be ignored.

Scorpio tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

You could detect an alluring green light to take a bold or even radical romantic step. This could encourage you to throw caution to the wind regarding your connection with someone special. However, believing there won't be consequences for any impulsive actions is incorrect and unwise, because you will likely reflect upon your whimsical actions later and wish they were a bit more restrained. Be spontaneous, just in measured doses.

Scorpio yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Your attention could be focused intently on a loved one and to the point where your personal needs take a back seat briefly. Something might feel comfortable with this imbalance, but you need to connect with the part of you that knows it can only be temporary. If you intend to make a loved one feel as cared for or loved as they've made you feel recently, then try to remember that love doesn't need to work in such a 'quid pro quo' way.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope

Libra LoveLibra today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Even if you make a concerted effort to focus on all the necessary, mundane tasks in your world, something connected with affairs of the heart or one special relationship could make thinking about anything else difficult. An ambitious love life dream might have a big question mark hanging over it and how you intend to make it happen, but your determination will soon override any concerns or fears.

Libra tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

The urge to be romantically radical could increase, now or shortly. There could be something powerfully attractive about indulging in something fun, spontaneous, or impulsive. However, that's your heart talking to you. Your head is urging you to apply copious amounts of sensibility and caution to your passionate whims. Its voice might be unnecessarily loud, but shouldn't be ignored at this time. Balancing spontaneity with sensibility needn't kill any magic you're keen to create.

Libra yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

You might have some grand love life expectations but don't feel sidetracked or surprised if progress isn't made as quickly as you'd hoped. Fortunately, there are many benefits to relationship momentum slowing down at this time: This might reveal how one cherished romantic or relationship plan is more feasible than you thought it was.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope

Virgo LoveVirgo today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Conversations could head straight into 'money matter' territory at this time. However, even if you've succeeded in summoning necessary enthusiasm to discuss finances with a loved one, it might not be enough to tackle one monetary issue. Take that as a cue to consider your options. Even if the clock is ticking and a fiscal solution needs to be found now or soon, taking brief time on both sides to focus on the end result could work well for you and someone close.

Virgo tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Your ambitions and desires are enhanced gloriously, and your love life isn't exempt from this. You could be keen for a loved one to accept and be supportive of your desire to bring a bit more spontaneity to your connection. You're right to push the limits of a relationship but might need to guard against becoming obsessive. Spontaneity can soon become tedious if it's introduced too frequently!

Virgo yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Some aspects of your love life or a close partnership can be managed easily, but other aspects you're keen to improve could appear more problematic at this time. Wanting a deeper level of closeness or perhaps for fewer responsibilities in other areas to influence affairs of the heart could be your mission now. A deeper understanding between you and someone close is occurring. Let that unfold without any distractions.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Leo LoveLeo today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

If you're a single Leo, then someone's flirtatiousness could be noticeably stronger or unsubtle. However, there's something exciting about knowing how much you have in common. Your mission now involves keeping conversation flowing while being a bit mysterious at the same time. Your head might be telling you to cease wasting time and test the relationship water properly. Fortunately, your heart knows why dialing back your passionate energy is wise.

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Your sexy thoughts and feelings could underpin your words and be precisely what a loved one or potential partner wants to hear. You're right to accept it's unnecessary to rehearse your message of love as all that's needed for the right words to emerge is a willingness to speak from the depths of your heart. If you've been delaying a heavy conversation or exchange, then current cosmic conditions offer all the sensitivity you'll need to ensure you reach the other side unscathed.

Leo yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Experiencing warm, romantic attention could make focusing on anything else tricky at this time. However, the more you connect with a certain person, the more it feels as if certain love life hurdles are immovable. You might feel unsure whether to throw yourself into overcoming or learning to live with them. What matters most at this time is the way you and someone are seeing eye-to-eye or sharing a vision of the future. You can ignore what's less than perfect for now.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

Cancer LoveCancer today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

There might have been plenty of pleasing developments professionally recently, but these could pale into insignificance if your love life or a love partnership has suffered as a result. This could be a time when you refocus your mind and heart on bringing some magic and sexy spontaneity back to affairs of the heart. No grand or exaggerated gestures or actions are needed. In fact, something done subtly can bring the sexiest result!

Cancer tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

You might have some secret concerns about how much to divulge or disclose to a loved one what you feel, why you feel it or how you view a relationship's future. You might also want to enjoy your own company as you clarify your thoughts before releasing them, but this might only add to pressure you're already experiencing. It could be time the object of your affections was aware of what you're suppressing or concealing. Now is as good a time as any.

Cancer yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Romantic fantasies could be powerfully strong at this time, but you can find reasons to dial back your passionate reverie to ensure what or who needs attention in the present receives it. Pressure could come from more than one angle, acting as cold shower where your heartfelt visions of the future are concerned. Certain tedious tasks might need to be cleared before you can take the step your heart yearns to take. They're all an essential part of the process.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope

Gemini LoveGemini today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Romantic or relationship fantasies could whir through your mind but don't dismiss any as ridiculous or nonsensical. One or two could be truly inspiring and motivational. You might need to make some effort to remain in the land of the living, but your romantic imagination deserves a chance to reveal how you can experience a deeper sense of fulfillment with affairs of the heart. Allow it to roam freely!

Gemini tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

If you've been refraining from crossing a certain line in your emotional world or revealing to a special person what's on your mind and in your heart, then the courage to do either or both is coming. You might want to spill all your emotional beans in one go and hang the consequences but would be wise to summon a bit of self-restraint – or be just a tiny bit mysterious!

Gemini yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

You could feel more willing to push the boundaries of love and romance, especially if a love life adventure of some kind beckons. New places and experiences beg to be considered and explored at this time. However, gazing into the future at romantic or relationship possibilities brings you back to the present with a bit of a bump. It's what you and a loved one can put in place in the present that ensures the future fulfills certain expectations.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

Taurus LoveTaurus today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

If you know you can be helpful or integral to a loved one achieving something close to their heart, then offer whatever support or guidance you can. Your preparedness to cross a line you might have remained behind can also bring an improvement to one unresolved issue, too. Your positive approach makes you very much part of any solution that needs applying, and it might be what a loved one needs to have their confidence boosted.

Taurus tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Whatever has become too predictable or routine-like in your emotional world or a love partnership is about to be shaken. However, this is both timely and necessary. Whatever has grown stale can become fresh once again, and you're not prepared to sit around and let a chance to make positive changes pass you by. Your passionate purpose might experience brief hiccups along the way but remaining focused on what you want to change and why will help you overcome these easily.

Taurus yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

The weight of unfulfilled romantic dreams or aspirations could feel heavy. Although there appears to be a new level of freedom or independence with affairs of the heart, the desire to form or strengthen one connection could be increasing. Fortunately, you're not encouraged to rush into any deep discussions or upset any equilibriums immediately. Being surer about what you intend to say to someone might not be a bad idea.

Aries Daily Love Horoscope

Aries LoveAries today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

A stronger sense of trust permeating a love relationship could help with adopting a more relaxed attitude toward love life developments. This could also help you to gain the support or agreement from a loved one where you need either or both. Ensure your easygoingness is genuine and not part of a plan to gain the upper hand in some way. Trust that's strengthening between you could be compromised otherwise.

Aries tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

You understand and accept the need to take the initiative to make something special happen in your emotional world. Sitting around and waiting for love life developments to manifest on their own simply doesn't interest or suit you at any time, but especially now. You could surprise a loved one or potential partner with your gung-ho, 'let's get moving' attitude, but your passionate persuasion could be incredibly sexy in their eyes.

Aries yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

It might feel as if you and a loved one are finding something that should be simple or straightforward increasingly complex. This could be a source of frustration and allowing emotions to become involved with discussions won't help matters. Try to accept that you're unlikely to come up with a magic plan instantly. Adopting a slow and gentle approach and ensuring kindness and compassion exist on both sides will make finding a solution infinitely easier.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

Aquarius LoveAquarius today's love horoscope:

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

You can probably sense love life challenges ahead of you, but with your passion levels receiving a glorious boost, overcoming challenges will undoubtedly be easier at this time. That doesn't make you invincible or able to resolve every issue instantly. It means you'll do whatever is necessary to see any love life challenge in the right perspective and approach it with a healthy combination of enthusiasm and, if necessary, courage.

Aquarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

You might have a few unusual or unorthodox ideas about progressing something connected with affairs of the heart or a close partnership. As sensible and exciting as these appear to you, they might be met with resistance or confusion from your sweetheart. Don't be deflated by their response because your greatest and most inspiring love life plans can happen by allowing yourself to dream at this time. Give someone close a bit of time to get to grips with your grand visions of love.

Aquarius yesterday love horoscope:

Monday 23rd of April 2018

A love life decision that might have had no immediate answer recently could be made easier at this time. It's by gaining a clearer perspective regarding affairs of the heart that helps with taking a brave step that might have been delayed due to uncertainty or fear. Welcome the fact that you're gradually gaining control over a love life quandary that has remained unsolved for too long.