What to Do When You Still Love Your Ex

When love does not seem to be able to leave your heart, it is bittersweet.  Especially when you no longer have your loved one there.  Life doesn’t always tend to be fair and when you are dealing with love there are many emotions that have been shared.  Considering all is fair in love and war…why not take some of the techniques to getting your loved one back into your life and overcoming those emotions of lost love that are pulling you under each day. 

How to Get Your Ex Back 

Realize that you must sit back and analyze your relationship.  Were you the cause of the breakup or your partner?  Was it a mutual destruction on both to your parts?  If your relationship broke up under bad terms finding the communication may be difficult.  Now you must decide if you are ready to be supportive and understanding.  If you realize that you are still in love then you realize that it is worth fighting for.   

Now, the first thing you must do is find out if they are dating someone.  Many times a relationship ends because one partner becomes interested in someone else.  If this should be the case, then you are going to need to proceed with caution.  Should your ex be dating someone ask to meet them somewhere that is none threatening to talk.  Let them know you’ve been thinking of them and would like to say hello.  Do your best to make things pleasant in the present and don’t dwell on the past as much as you may like.  Let them know you are disappointed that you split and that you miss them.  This will begin to open new doors. 

When you do make the date to meet once again, make it light, but definitely make him aware that you miss him.  Allow him to reminiscence about gentle feeling you felt in the beginning of the relationship.  How you made one another feel.  How happy you were.  How you wish that things would not have gone wrong.  Allow them to know that you are still missing them and feel regretful and that you feel like with closure you may heal, but you need a friend on their part to do so.  This is your cue to take control and make the magic happen once again. 

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