What Is The Perfect Relationship?

Let’s stop here. There are no perfect relationships! Every relationship has its differences and issues, which is what makes relationships so perfect! A relationship between two people can be both powerful and tumultuous, bringing you through ups and downs, impossible to avoid. However, most relationships are well built on challenges and issues, strife gone through together and made through with a stronger union. Most couples that are married for years and years have gone through tough struggles, but made it through by working together, bringing them closer together.

The Perfect Partner Complex

Unfortunately, in a world full of error and mistakes, everyone is always misguided, looking for the perfect partner. The perfect partner just doesn’t exist, and no matter how hard you look for him or her, if your expectations are too high, you are only going to end up disappointed. A lot of people have the perfect partner complex, searching for someone without flaw that is going to bring nothing but joy, but in actuality, they don’t exist.

-          Relationships are founded on trials

-          Relationships are sprung through tribulation

-          Flaws in your partner create the genuine characteristics that you really desire

-          Flaws in a relationship become hurdles of love

No matter how seasoned you are in relationships, how well you work to stay on top of the game, or how well you keep the flow going in your relationship, you will encounter a battle that must be fought through.

Being Oblivious to the Plight

A lot of people that are looking for a perfect partner are just oblivious to reality. The issue with relationships is that often they are entered without a full understanding of what the couple is getting into. Whether the relationship is all wrong or just right, you are going to encounter a pitfall at some point that you must rely on your partner to work through, otherwise the relationship is meaningless.

If you are looking for a right partner, there is a person out there that is really just right for you, often in every way. However, if you are looking for a partner that is going to be perfect, well then you better get ready to go trekking through the world and still ending up with disappointment because no one is perfect and no relationship is going to be perfect. If you find that your relationship is too perfect, there may just be something lurking in the shadows about to blow you away. 

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