Vacationing with Your Lover - Can you survive several days alone with them?

Vacationing with Your LoverThe summer months are ahead of you and you're thinking of going away with your lover. You look at maps and websites together and agree on a nice place to visit. That's when the anxiety starts to set in. You're going to be together 24 hours a day for several days. How is that ever going to work? With a little planning, any vacation can be a great experience for both of you.

Choose a Mixture of Activities

As you plan your vacation, pick things that you both want to do as well as things that each of you have an interest in. Both of you have different interests. Find activities that match those interests, even if the other partner is not as involved. One of you may be dying to visit the Pinball Museum and the other wants to visit the Bamboo Garden.

Work together to find those things you both want to do together as a couple. Then go along with the other activities and make the best of it. You'll have fun knowing that your partner is really enjoying themselves looking at those old pinball machines!

Make A Schedule

Some people do well just throwing some clothes into a bag and taking off. Most of us want a little more order to our vacation. For those couples, make some kind of schedule for your vacation. You don't need to schedule every minute of each day. Jot down the highlights you expect to experience each day. This will give you an idea of how active, and perhaps stressful, each day will be.

It will also give you a way to come up with Plan B, should you wake up and decide that what you had scheduled doesn't feel good for that day. This is where we "planners" can be spontaneous. If it feels better to do something different that day, go for it!

Plan "Away" Time

Even though you're out of town with your partner, plan some "me" time. A few minutes every day doing something by yourself will keep things mellow. You both don't want to get into the mode of trying to entertain each other every minute of the day.

Take a long bath. Go down to the hotel lobby and read for an hour. Take a long walk. Find a away to be by yourself a bit every day. You'll appreciate the time with your partner more when you have some time for yourself.

Create Memories With Your Partner

Take lots of photos on your vacation. Keep your ticket stubs, pamphlets and brochures, maps, notes and any other little things that remind you of the vacation.  About a week after you get back from the vacation, sit down with your partner and create a little scrapbook or memory box with them.

The act of reviewing the vacation with your partner this way will create some good memories that will stay with you. As you work together and talk about the vacation, it reinforces how fun the vacation was. Your body will remember this and will start looking forward to future vacations.

You'll even begin looking forward to the vacation recap whenever you plan a vacation together. And, no matter what you create together, you will have something that you can bring out periodically to relive the memories with your partner. This is a very connecting activity for a couple to do together.

Enjoy the Vacations - Don't Dread Them

With some discussion, a little planning, and some follow up, you'll begin looking forward to vacations with your partner. Get rid of your anxiety and enjoy the time together even more. Every relationship is an adventure. Make the adventures with your partner thrilling and memorable!

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