Twin Flames - What are they and how do I know I've met mine?

Twin FlamesTwin Flames are created when the essential soul, containing both male/female, light/dark, yin/yang aspects is divided into two separate but linked souls. The thought is that this needs to happen so each half can serve humanity in different ways. They seem to most often take turns being in physical form; one will be physical while the other stays in an energy form.

Chaos is Created

When their work is done, they may both be created in a physical form for the purpose of coming together as one again. The meeting of these two physical forms can be a chaotic event. The relationship is often intense, stressful, very physical and emotional. The Twins are actually mirror images of each other that reflect the flaws of the other back to them. For the union to be successful, the flaws must be worked on. Where a couple is in harmony is where they have already done the work.

There can be many differences between the Twin Flames. The goal of each is to nurture growth in the other. There will be a natural connection that feels absolutely right, even amongst the differences. Their spirits know that they are one while their physical bodies struggle with the differences. The challenges they face come from the human conditioning that happens as one grows and evolves.

Balance is Found

As the Twin Flames continue their work together, their spiritual growth accelerates. Their each particular gifts evolve into fine-tuned abilities to help other people. The two are very sensitive to each other's flow of energy. Being together feels natural while being apart, each feels diminished. 

Gradually, as the differences change to sameness and the mirrors begin to reflect the same soul back to each other, the chaos changes into oneness. Peace and harmony happen as the Twin Flames grow into the single energetic soul from which they came. The physical death of the Twins begins the final journey of the energy back into its original and natural state.

Can Twin Flames Have a Successful Relationship Together?

A Twin Flame relationship can be at the same time the most fulfilling and the most frustrating relationship one can encounter. It depends on the level of "stuff" that each one must work on. For the relationship to work, ALL of the baggage that one brings into the relationship must be addressed. And ALL of the baggage that the person has left to work on from ALL lives will come up. This is what creates the chaos.

If both Twins are really ready to merge, it could be an incredibly fulfilling experience with little to work on. If one of the Twins has a lot more to work on than the other, then it could be a frustrating experience for both throughout the entire experience.

How Do I Know I've Found My Twin?

Very few people on the planet are in a Twin Flame relationship at any given time. It's a very powerful union that is rare. A good psychic or intuitive can help you. Your horoscope could tell you if you may have that experience in this life. A connection with another person that feels absolutely natural, while being aware of a completely opposite energy between you can be a sign.

A Twin Flame relationship is not something you can will to happen. When the time is right, the Two Twins will find each other. If it happens, be prepared for a roller coaster ride. The highs will be incredibly high and lows unbearably low.

One more will be like riding a roller coaster with a blindfold on. You won't know when the highs and lows are coming, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

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