Top 10 Things that Turn Women Off

Women are both emotional and sensitive and when it comes to a man, they can be very selective.  Women often times live by standards and there are few women who will actually settle for less than what they are after in a relationship. As a man, it is your duty to be aware of the turn ons and turn offs that most women are known for.  Familiarize yourself with the following and you may save yourself from the woman of your dreams being  interested in you one moment and the next being disinterested and running from the relationship.  

Top 10 Things that Turn Women Off 

- Being a slob.  Women are generally nurturing and caring and although they may take pleasure in keeping the home clean, they do not like someone that they constantly have to pick up after.  And, they don’t like shabby appearances.  Make sure your hygiene is good and your lifestyle is good and pick up after yourself so you do not take advantage of her.

- Drinking and smoking.  Although an occasional drink may be enjoyable a man that is excessive with drinking is not.  Don’t binge drink and smoke yourself out of a relationship.  These are two real turn offs for women and one that will have her leaving the relationship.

- Not enough attention.  Women need attention.  When you are constantly focused on work, sports or your buddies she is going to start to feel neglected and will be turned off.  Take the time to pay attention to your woman as much as other interests in your life.

- Being unemployed.  Women like men that are responsible and can care for them.  If a woman is always in charge of paying for the date or being the financial bread winner she is going to become disinterested. 

- Poor communication.  Women need communication and when you are not able to communicate well it is a red flag sign to the woman that you will not understand and care for her.  Take the time and effort to try to communicate regarding her wants, needs and desires and see to it that you focus on them.

- Being ignored.  Women like men that are attentive and will judge their partner on how important they are made to feel.  If a partner lacks attentiveness, the woman will be turned off in the relationship and chances are she may look for another partner.

- Machismo.  Although women like strong men, very few women like a man that is macho and constantly wanting to prove his manhood through fighting or arm wrestling.  Many men consider this a way to make the woman feel that he is the “ultimate” man, when in reality it is a true turn off.

- Paying attention to other women.  This is a definite “no” in a relationship, especially in a new relationship.  Men that tend to be flirtatious to other women are a turn off to the woman they are with.  A man that pays attention to other women when he is with his woman, is not the kind of man a woman wants.

- Bad pick up lines.  When a man approaches a woman with a bad pick up line it is insulting and a total turn off.  Although the lame pickup line may lead to two souls laughing together often times the woman can become offended and will turn her head, rejecting the man forever.

- Too sexual.  When all a man wants is sex, the woman, no matter how great the sex is will be turned off.  Be careful, as a man, that you have a well rounded sense of the woman’s needs and do not be strictly the bedroom scene.  This will have the woman turning her check.

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