Top 10 Things that Turn Men Off

Just as women, men can be fickle.  And, often times because the man doesn’t talk much the women is unaware there is something bothering him.  Which just might be her.   Therefore, as a woman, it is necessary to educate yourself to the man.  Having a good education as to the men’s likes and dislike may possibly solve a future break-up that seems to come from no where.   

Top 10 Things that Turn Men Off 

Being a cold fish in bed. 

Men do not like to be the only moving object in bed.  Most me take it as a personal insult when a woman is unresponsive and become frustrated and angered.  Sex is supposed to be passionate, enjoyable and exhilarating.  The more a woman is connected to her man in both the bedroom and outside the bedroom,  the better their relationship will be. 

Being too demanding. 

When a woman is constantly placing demands on her partner, a wedge begins.  Sure, everyone likes doing something for others, but when you begin to demand everything from your man, he will become turned off.


All men like being nurtured; however, no men like being smothered.  Smothering is an insult to the man as they begin to feel that they are inadequate and cannot care for themselves.  Not to mention it is irritating.

Facial and body hair growth. 

Men do have somewhat of an animal instinct and they are turned on by smooth, waxed arms and legs that are well cared for.  Facial hair and body hair is a sure turn off for them and one that should be taken care of by the woman. 

Being giddy. 

Laughter is great and very important in a relationship.  However, men do like intelligence and the woman that constantly acts giddy will appear as an airhead and something that he will not likely take the pride in should she not behave in such a manner.

Too career oriented. 

Although today’s women are focused on career as well as family, a woman that is too career focused may clash with the man.  Men also want family and someone with great feminine characteristics to care for both him and the family. Being too career oriented is a definite turn off in a man’s eyes.

Being too attached to her family. 

Although family is great, when the woman still looks to her parents to tell her what she should do then this is a definite red flag for a man in a relationship.  When a man constantly finds his woman talking to her mother he will begin to become turned off.


Whether a man deserves it or not, a woman that is constantly nagging is going to turn him off.  While many women consider this a way to “improve their man” it is more times than not, a way to drive your man away.

Too independent. 

While men like women that can care for themselves not needing your man is a definite turn off.  A man needs to feel as though they are needed.  For the woman that is fully independent often times this is difficult because their importance diminishes.

Being too religious. 

A strong foundation is wonderful and the backbone to all relationships.  However, being overly something is always a turn off and for men when a woman is overly religious or spiritual, it is a turn off. 

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