Top 10 Love Movies

Pair watching love movie1. Gone with the wind

This epic movie, set during the American Civil War, stars Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Renowned for a sweeping, epic feel and two lead performances that became part of cinematic history, this movie is widely viewed as the best love film or romance melodrama of all time. There is really only one word that you can use to describe this movie, and it is ‘epic’. However, rather than get lost in all of it, the two lead actors manage to portray emotions that help the audience focus on them, even as the huge world of the story turns and threatens to swallow everyone up.


The movie is Gable’s. He rarely leaves the screen without uttering a line that goes down in cinema history. In addition, he is full of gravitas, so much so that one starts rooting for him and his feelings, even though he does not show much of these feelings until the very end. Leigh is able alongside him, and shows a real warmth and poise, even as the acting powerhouse opposite her gives off his best ever lines. A sweeping love story, and one for anyone’s collection.

2. Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart by a piano, looking languidly out on a scene in life just before wartime hell, and Ingrid Bergman looking as beautiful as she ever would. That is Casablanca. Beautiful to watch, and achingly difficult to let go of, this love story is about two people trapped by a choice that will tear them apart.

In the eponymous setting, Bogart sits and waits for something to happen. Then Bergman returns to his life, like a shot from the past. Things are not as simple as they used to be. Once they were lovers in a more carefree time, but now they have to live out that love in front of a backdrop of unforgiving war.

Rick (Bogart) must decide if he should help his love. By helping her, he will be able to get her out of a country that is about to become a war torn state. However, by helping her, he will surely lose her forever, because by helping her he will assist her leaving the country for good.

Full of iconic music and even more iconic performances, Casablanca is a completely engrossing movie. The chemistry is incredible, and you will believe that these two knew their love was dying.

3. West Side Story

Now about as iconic as a movie can get, West Side Story is one of those movies that has much more to it than appears on the surface. It wore its heart on its sleeve when it was released, with the makers of the movie freely admitting that it was based on Romeo and Juliet. Two gangs fight for survival in the Bronx, and it is all generally lighthearted at first. However, things soon take a very nasty turn, and the two gangs (or ‘families’ if you are still thinking about Shakespeare’s tale) are forced to either get along or to fight it out to the death.

The songs are incredible, the acting is melodramatic enough to suit the love story theme, and the two leads really make you care for them. This is a love that deserves to live on, even though we all know, as we watch it, that it will most certainly founder. West Side Story, when all the music has died down, is a good and honest love story. It works because the two leads are young and exciting, and you truly believe that they don’t care what the world can throw at them.

4. Romancing the Stone

Back in the eighties, people didn’t seem to care too much about how they made romantic movies. If it had a bit of love in it it was classed as a romantic movie, and that was that. However, one, a director called Robert Zemeckis became rather daring, and made what was classed as a ‘romantic adventure’.

Romancing the Stone starred the then very bankable Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito. Very old school. The movie was basically about a romantic fiction writer (Turner) finding out that her stories are effectively becoming real when an adventurer (Douglas) plummets into her life. A jewel chase ensues, and it all gets very exciting.

What makes this movie romantic is the excellent chemistry between the two leads, who act like they are falling in love before our very eyes. What’s more, the great dialogue keeps us on our toes and makes us feel that this is a real couple talking, not some made up cheap exploitative movie stuff.

They really don’t make movies like this anymore. This is fun, exciting, and above all very romantic. A good, old-fashioned tale of how a love can grow between two smart and witty people.

5. When Harry Met Sally

Sometimes (actually more often than not) the very best relationships are forged after years of friendship. This is what happens in this movie. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are two old friends in New York who happen to fall in love after years of dancing around the issue.

The movie has become famous for a scene in which Ryan fakes an orgasm in front of an aghast restaurant, but to say this is the most important part of the movie would be a disservice. Once again, the chemistry between the two leads is phenomenal. The very best romantic movies work well because the two lead actors are believable, and this one is no exception. Ryan and Crystal are funny and smart, and the one-liners fit in nicely alongside a growing and touching relationship.

The backdrop is romantic, and the supporting characters help the two leads create a timeless and perfectly happy relationship movie. This is quite probably one of the few date movies that men can enjoy too, because the male perspective is perfectly realized. Of course, it is always going to be remembered for the restaurant scene, but behind that is a classy, funny, romantic comedy.

6. Sleepless in Seattle

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet up across two cities and start to develop a growing relationship against romantic backdrops. The music is lovely, and the two leads quickly develop an onscreen chemistry most producers would die for.

This was Hanks’ golden period, where he could do no wrong when it came to movies. Here he is relaxed and in control, with a nod towards making the audiences believe he is a normal guy who happens to fall in love with a normal girl. There is plenty of sadness too, as the story deals with loss in a mature and sensitive way. The love the two people find is complicated, and it takes some time for the audience to feel that it is actually the right choice for the two leads to make.

So this makes for a mature and grown up type of romantic comedy, with just the right amount of drama thrown into it to make it worthwhile. Hanks is most comfortable being funny, and this shines through occasionally. Ryan is confident, and able to throw back a few one-liners too. Overall, a funny, warm romantic movie, perfect for any couple just starting to get to know each other.

7. Dirty Dancing

It is true that this film can divide many people, but amazingly the majority of women think it is one of the best movies of all time, never mind one of the best romances.

Patrick Swayze was, to be honest, never better. Perfectly suited to the role of macho, slightly hyperactive dance teacher, he shines in this regard, making a million female hearts flutter, and movie history for his remarkably energetic dancing style. The love story is solid, a true Romeo and Juliet variant, with real kudos going to the very strong supporting cast, who do their best to look important and valid around the two leads.

The story becomes truly desperate for the couple at one point, and this is where the movie really shines. The sheer impossibility of a true summer love makes this movie a real classic. When lovers know that their time is drawing near simply because of a change of seasons, their romance becomes all the more urgent and bittersweet. Sex is not a big deal; it is more about two young people who simply cannot keep their eyes off each other. Watch it for the masterful handling of a blooming relationship, against a backdrop of great music and fine acting.

8. Titanic

Fair enough, the majority of the adult population on this planet knows how the story ends, but the little thought of love story behind Titanic was an opportunity that director James Cameron seized with both hands. Nothing sells like doomed love (there is sex here too) and the pair who portray the lovers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) are pretty enough and convincing enough to make the story seem like the most important of all time.

The history behind the historic voyage is played out for half the movie’s considerable length, but it is a credit to the director that the two leads really work hard on making their relationship seem believable simply through tremendous chemistry. They are good looking and they play the scenes from the heart. It is hard not to feel utterly charmed by the performances.

Things move on pretty fast after the iceberg hits, and the lovers are left to try and find a way to stay together, even as everything around them is falling apart. This is melodrama at its best, but often it feels like it is real and groundbreaking. As a romantic movie, there are precious few that can show truly doomed love in such spectacular fashion.

9. Grease

The movie that pretty much broke John Travolta out into the mainstream, Grease is a treat for anyone who likes dancing along with his or her romantic storylines.

Travolta plays Danny, and he lights up the screen every time he is on it. Portraying the kind of man who is sheer charisma, and occasionally brutish with it, he is the man everyone watches, and the one that Sandy wants. She clings to him during a brief summer fling, and then comes to Rydell High, where Danny studies.

Their love is rekindled again, with some great dancing and memorable songs thrown in. This is a great date movie because of just one reason: it treats love with a dash of fun.

This kind of approach is rare these days, and Grease is an old movie now. But it feels fresh when the young and attractive actors break out into a dance to a song that has played on radios and in nightclubs ever since it was released. Truly iconic, Grease raised the bar for romantic movies. Created out of the ashes of a Broadway play, the play has since been reborn and regularly tours the world.

10. Pretty Woman

Nineties classic, Pretty Woman is the movie that gave the world Julia Roberts. It also showed Richard Gere with a rather striking head of grey hair, bringing instant gravitas to an actor who subsequently went on to a bit of a rebirth career wise.

Julia plays a prostitute who happens to be hired by Gere. He is so overworked and tired that nothing really happens on their ‘date’, but he follows things up, and very soon they are falling in love. Julia plays things sassy from the word go, and this does not let up as the movie progresses. She highlights all the good things about women who are experts at ‘working’ men, and all the heart and warmth of a genuinely decent human being. This captivates Gere’s character, and eventually there are wedding bells.

This movie is fun and exciting, and the two leads are perfectly matched. They would work together again later, but nothing quite matched the sheer sparkle of this great love story. If one were to try and pin down what made the movie so great, it would probably be the fact that the two leads have such phenomenal chemistry, it sometimes feels like they are unaware of the cameras.

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