Summer Vacation With Your Partner

Summer 2012 PhotoIt’s summer in the United States and most of us have “vacation” on the mind.  There are thousands of vacation ideas that you will find on the Internet.  What I wanted to do here is give you some ideas to consider as a way to have a fun vacation break and create an even greater connection with your partner.

Build a vacation around common interests

My partner and I are writers.  We often talk about going on a writer’s retreat.  You can create a vacation around this a number of ways. Find a weekend writer’s conference and plan to spend a few days afterward practicing what you’ve learned together.  Set some goals to do a certain amount of writing each day. Read and comment on each other’s work.  Combine this with a few nice dinners out and some other tourist activities. You will have a great vacation that refreshes you and leaves you with something you will continue to use.

Build a vacation around different interests

You can do the same thing with interests that are unique to each of you.  My partner is also an artist, a painter.  We could take a driving trip through the Southwest US and she could paint some of the beautiful scenery we find while I do some travel writing.

Spend focused time doing something you love to do

Let’s say you both work a few hours a month in a community garden. Plan a week working in the garden, building benches, trellises, raised beds, whatever the garden needs.  There’s always something that needs to be done in a community space.

Do it as a volunteer

Plan a week where you will travel to a different city and volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.  This can be a very bonding and satisfying activity for a couple.  There are various organizations that would love a week of dedicated time from you and your partner.  Perhaps you have some skill that would be very useful to them: photography, carpentry, sewing, and home repair all come to mind. 

Help someone else have a great vacation

There are organizations that have the goal of granting a “wish” to someone very much in need of some good energy. Make-a-Wish creates special events for children who are ill, and often terminal.  Twilight Wish is a similar concept for seniors.  Dedicating a week of your time to help these special people experience some special moments in their lives will give you some wonderful vacation memories.

Do something a little bit crazy

My partner and I do what we call “comfort challenges”. These are activities that are interesting but are a little out of our “comfort zone”. With each other there for support, we get through each challenge and have a lot of fun!

Sign up for clown school or the circus school of acrobatics together (yes, they exist!). Take an archery or kayaking class, learn Greek cooking or how to speak Mandarin with each other.  Spend a week visiting karaoke hangouts.

No need to challenge yourselves with something terrifying. A little bit out of your comfort zone is enough to get the blood going and for both of you to have some laughs and a great time!

Make memories with your vacation

The best vacation is one that you will talk about for years afterward. Take some time and plan a vacation with your partner that will thrill, relax, satisfy, and create memories that you will share with each other for a long time!

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