Signs your relationship is going to last long

kasamba 1We all want to have a fairy tale happy ending. We all want to be with the one we are meant to end up with. We want to have a perfect family, live in a beautiful house and be happy with the one you love together for the rest of your life. But, there are circumstances in our lives where we tend to make mistakes and doubt ourselves if we already are with the person we will spend the rest of our lives with. There are ways for you to know if your relationship is bound to last. You can do compatibility tests, psychic chats or ask advice from the experts from Kasamba's horoscopes.

Being in a relationship is a fickle thing. One day, you will think that you are happy with your significant other, and then the next thing you will know is everything is starting to fall apart. So, how will you know if you are in a healthy, loving and lasting relationship? We made a list for you to find out how.

1. They know and accept whatever you have endured and experienced in the past.

You need to overlook the mistakes your significant other may have done in the past and do not hold it against them. It should not matter if they were with a number of people before they met you. Allow him to grow and mature and reinvent himself while you are together. His past should not be a burden in your relationship and should not be a hindrance if he wants to move forward with what you have.

2. He respects you and you respect him.

Your significant other should not make you feel foolish, needy or invalidated. He should know that you are a complete functioning human being before you were together. You encourage each other’s hobbies and not force them to engage in your hobby if they do not want to. You should know how to value each other’s boundaries and encourage each other’s passions and pursue each other’s dreams. He respects your decisions and you do the same. He allows you to do the things that he does not want to do with your friends and allows you to meet other people. He is not threatened if there are other people who can fulfill your emotional needs.

3. He knows that you have your own lives outside your relationship.

It is good to know that you know that you spend your time with your significant other but it is also good to know that you also have time for your family and your friends. A good relationship should respect each other’s personal life and should encourage each other to spend a good time with them. Spending too much time with each other may make you feel locked up and this may affect your relationship. You should know that your world does not revolve solely around your significant partner and that you have a life outside of your relationship.

4. Be grateful and do not complain.

Having a loving relationship is all about connections and knowing that there are beautiful things to be grateful about your partner. If you consistently complain about your relationship, then you may be in a rather destroying relationship. A high regularity of gratitude in a relationship makes it thrive. There would be instances where in complaining is the only way for you to connect your partner but this is not the way for you mend whatever wound you have in your relationship. Knowing that you and your partner fell in love because of the beautiful things you see about each other is a good foundation for you to be grateful about your relationship.

kasamba 25. You know that you and your partner are in control of your relationship.

There may be external forces that may drive you and your partner away from each other, but knowing that these forces does not affect you at all, you know that you are in a loving relationship. You do not let other people meddle with your relationship. If you happen to stumble upon a block on your relationship, you seek for advice but know that at the end of the day, it is you and your partner’s decision. As long as you have built your relationship on a solid foundation and not with webbed lies and deceits, then you know that your relationship is meant to last.

6. You live on the same core values.

Being in a loving and lasting relationship means that you do not view your significant other as a fixer upper, or as a replacement. You also do not compromise just for the relationship to last. He respects your values and you respect his. If there is a certain value that you do not agree on, you talks about it, and do not force each other to be a believer. He also knows that there are limits about the things that he would like for you to believe in or try.

The only people who will determine whether your relationship will last or not will be you and your partner. Having a healthy relationship is important and knowing that your partner is trying their best for the relationship to last is also very important. Treat each other with respect and with kindness, a lasting relationship will thrive and heal as long as you have humility inside your hearts. Try to be as honest with each other as possible and do not be too critical as it may lead to self-judgment and doubt.

Every day with your partner is another day to learn about each other. Take time to hang-out and bond with each other and know about each other more. Do not forget to communicate and express your love for one another. Being in a happy with your relationship will reflect on you and how you view life.

If you think we may have missed some things on the list, please do not hesitate to comment down below.

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