Relationship Red Flags

We’ve all been in the relationship that lust overcomes common sense.  One look at your partner and you are swept off your feet by physical attraction alone and all the red flag signals vanish until you once again hit reality.  There are times, that no matter how good looking or how successful a partner is, they just aren’t the right relationship to be in.  When you see the signals of the red flags, sit back and consider your relationship.  Are they the right mate? 

Relationship Red Flags 

He/She is still living at home.  More and more men and women are living longer with their parents these days- and this is a red flag in a relationship.  Is the partner still tied to the apron strings?  Are they independent?  Are they financially responsible?  These are all things you must take into consideration.  If you find that you are answering “yes” to some of these questions, you may want to take a good look at the person and reconsider the relationship. 

You are never invited over to “their” place.  Spending time together is great, but when you find it is constantly at your home or out on a date you must begin to wonder- what is the reason I am never invited over.  This is a definite red flag that they may be living with a significant other.  Also, if they do not want to be seen in public together than this is a sure sign that they are already attached. 

Moving too quickly.  Someone that moves too quickly is usually looking for someone to help solve their problems.  Clinging to someone  is a definite red flag and should be paid attention to. 

Constantly talking about their ex.  While a partner may still be going through the emotional detachment of the ex there is no reason to have to tolerate listening to them constantly talking about him/her.  This often times is also a sign that they are expecting you to become more like the ex or that they are carrying deep rooted anger.  Be careful here! 

On the rebound.   Caution must be taken in rebound relationships.  If you have been through a break-up, you understand.  Often time’s partners cling to someone new to “erase” the pain of what they are experiencing.  If you happen to be that “fresh” someone that is clung too, you may be in for bitter disappointment in the future.  Tread with caution. 

Save yourself the heartache later, and have a good look at your relationship in the present and all the likes and dislikes of the other, and definitely pay attention to the red flag signals.

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