Predicting Your Relationship - Using astrology to manage your relationship

Predicting Your RelationshipOne of the popular uses of astrology and horoscopes is to find that special person. People will spend a lot of time looking over charts and readings to connect with love. But they forget that the same tools are helpful once a relationship is established and ready to grow into the dream.

1. The signs tell you what needs are most important for you and your partner.

Learn how your different astrological signs relate to the needs you both have. One of you may need some quiet time every day while the other needs to express themselves. If you're a Leo then you need to get a certain amount of attention to feel comfortable. If your partner is a Gemini, they need to have frequent discussions about anything and everything.

Talk with each other about the needs that both of your signs indicate. There will always be a little negotiation to get the primary needs met. But it works better to understand the needs up front than wait until a blow up occurs and one of you feels seriously unfulfilled by the relationship.

2. The signs tell you how to manage conflict.

Arguments in any healthy relationship are normal. Understanding how each of you handles arguments will help you both work things out sooner. For instance, if you're an Aries, you probably have strong feelings about a particular topic but once you are heard, you can let it go quickly. Your Scorpio boyfriend may want to spend hours getting into every detail to try to find what the root cause of the argument is.

Once you both know what each expects from an argument, you can actually have a discussion that, again, meets both of your needs.

3. The signs help you create a better sexual relationship.

This could be put under the "needs" category again. Every astrological sign has its own sexual and intimacy needs. There will be preferences and dislikes. The type of energy present and the timing can be understood starting with the signs. How often, how much, how rough or gentle are all things to talk over with your lover. If your lover is a Taurus, they may love long foreplay and gentle massages. Their body is thrilled just by the touch of your skin against theirs. If you are a Cancer, you could sit for hours and just look into the eyes of your lover. Your need for the emotional connection drives your sexual activity.

4. The signs tell you where you are different and where you are similar.

Everyone is different. The signs help you understand the differences between you and your partner and where you may be more similar than you thought. The differences give you something that you can learn from each other. The Pisces knows that they are very sensitive and often driven by their emotions. The Libra understands that they are laid-back and motivated intellectually. Both of these people benefit by wanting harmony and romance.

Knowing these characteristics of each other allows you to work within those limits of comfort and enjoyment and avoid the extremes that make you withdraw or anxious. By supporting each other's preferences, you step into that space of the other person and get to truly share their life with them.

5. The signs allow you to be who you are and be OK with that.

The signs tell you something about who the other person is and will probably always be. A Sagittarius will have an independent nature all of their life. But they can learn to be loving partners and get that independent feeling in other ways. A Virgo will always be cautious but know when their caution is rational versus an irrational fear.

The signs can tell people what they are fighting against most. And perhaps, it's a characteristic that shouldn't be fought, but accepted. Accepting who you are is the first step in figuring out your place in the world. And, in another person's life.

Know the Signs to Know Yourself

Learn about the astrological signs for you and your partner. They will tell you a great deal about who you both are and what needs to be address to have a great connection with each other. For many people, astrology is a tool to help them continually refine their relationships.

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