Opposites Attract: Going Against Your Astrological Match

When seeking a long term partner, finding someone you are compatible with is a must. Enjoying the same hobbies, exercising similar ideologies and having similar energy levels are all important factors in creating a solid relationship. Yet many people spend much of their time finding the perfect match and when they have it, still aren’t satisfied. Why?

Although direct compatibility works for most people, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. Some astrological signs thrive on conflict. Others crave adventure and a lack of predictability. Still others are constantly searching for something they will never find. Finding a match with someone who goes against type can sometimes be the most exciting, exhilarating match of all.

If you are considering going against type, make a list of your past relationships. Document the astrological sign for each relationship and rate all areas of your relationship, including the sex, mental attraction, romantic moments and the fights. Once complete, compare your answers and see if you note any similarities.

Once you have identified the sign that dominates in the particular area (for example, you might discover that an Aries has always spiced up your sex life) find the other signs fall under the fire signs and cross them off your list. As Aries is a fire sign, the opposite would be water. For the sake of experimentation, limit your social interaction to water signs for the purpose of this exercise.

After you have dated at least three of the water signs, reevaluate your situation. Create a list like you did before, ranking the different aspects of the relationship. How did these water interactions compare to your relationships with the fire signs?

The purpose behind this type of exercise is to get you to think outside of the box in your astrological compatibility. Certain signs go with others for a reason, but people often make stereotypes based on their primary sign without considering the other aspects of their personality, such as their rising signs.  Limiting yourself to your basic, astrological match could be cutting your personality off from all sorts of delicious interactions.

For those choosing their relationships based on astrological compatibility, it’s important to recognize that your primary sign isn’t the only thing that makes you tick. Several factors work together to create a whole person. Don’t be afraid to step out of type to explore other aspects of your personality. In the end, your perfect match might be someone you never would have considered.

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