One plus One Equals Three

Love image article- How connecting with a partner or lover creates a different kind of energy that people notice.

Sometimes when I observe two people in love out in public, the thought strikes me that there is some really powerful energy going on there.  Every now and then I'll go to a workshop and see a couple co-facilitating and I see the same energy. These experiences combined with my own personal experience has lead me to speculate about a third energy that is created when two people in love come together.

The old saying "the sum of the parts is greater than the whole" seems appropriate here.  Two people come together, each contributing their own energy of wisdom, intelligence, imagination and creativity, and what is created as a result is something very powerful. And I'm not the only one who sees it. Others have commented on how such and such are a very powerful couple.

They can't point to a precise thing that makes them feel that way, it's just a feeling when you're around them. It is a strong feeling of competence, passion, focus and love.  I can imagine that anything the couple attempts together is wildly successful!

This third energy comes about when two people in a relationship use their own strengths to collaborate with the other on projects. It's not about what one will get personally from the relationship, but how both people will benefit. There's a "giving" quality about this energy that allows both people to gain something.

In other circumstances when two people come together in a creative endeavor, the results can be amazing because each person brings their own unique traits and skills to the project. In a relationship, something similar happens.  Two people in love contribute their own hopes, dreams and passions to the mix.  All of these very high vibration feelings are broadcast back out into the world in a very loving way!

Each person continues on their own path of growth. They retain their own interests and individual passions. Each person has their own goals. They are supported and encouraged by the other person.  This continuation of individual growth is important for the combined energy to be present.  Each person in a relationship needs to feel as if they have the room to grow while in the relationship.  They cannot feel constrained or restricted.

When a person feels free to grow in a relationship, they are more likely to freely give of their energy. The combined energy of two people in this kind of relationship can accomplish some amazing things!

Too often, we find couples where one or both people feel as if they are giving too much and not getting much back. Or they don't feel as if they can pursue their own passions while in the relationship. This creates a feeling of restriction and works against the two people doing great things with their collaborative energies.

Loving collaborative couples write books together, teach classes together, perform music together, take incredible journeys together, and hundreds of other fulfilling activities.  Often the actions that come from such a "power couple" are something that others in their community can benefit from.  Which is another trait of this third energy that is created when such people come together in a relationship.

The third energy that is created in a relationship built on trust and respect is so big that it cannot be kept within that relationship. It must be sent out of the relationship to help others!

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