New Years Resolutions - Good resolutions to help your relationship

2013 YearWhile you are creating your personal New Year resolutions, take a moment and make a list of resolutions for your relationship. It's always a good time to improve relationships, but we give our New Year resolutions a lot of energy. So skim through these suggestions, find ones that would strengthen your relationship, and add them to your list.

Give More Praise and Compliments

For some people it's easy to criticize or make negative comments about their partner's actions.  This year make it a point to give out more praise and compliments. This could be about how they look, some small accomplishment, or even just for staying on track on a particular task.  Everyone likes to hear that they are doing well or are successful. Even for the little things.

Find New Ways to Connect

Many people find themselves in a routine in their relationship. They do the same things at the same time. Change it up by doing some spontaneous things at different times. Use text or email to send little notes to each other. Leave a note in your partner's coat pocket or on the dashboard of the car. Just a couple of new connections everyday with your partner will make a big difference.

Be Present with Each Other

There are many things in life that get in the way of enjoying a relationship.  Try to make the time together matter and be focused on the relationship. Dragging problems in from work or school when you're with your favorite person just detracts from your time together. Set those things aside for the time you're together. Enjoy your time and experiences together.

Be Better at Accommodating Each Other's Faults

Recognize that you both have little quirks that may annoy each of you sometime. Lighten up with each other and learn to accept the faults with the good things. When you both are in a healthy relationship with each other, giving each other love and support, those little annoyances can be seen as trivial.

Find Things Outside of the Relationship That Make You Happy

It's a great burden to place on your loved one when you expect them alone to make you happy.  They will feel the stress of this expectation. Do things with friends, join groups and clubs, or find activities you like to do by yourself.

Enjoy Sex More

When was the last time you and your partner tried something different in your sexual activities? Some very simple changes can make a big difference. Just like a little spice can turn a boring recipe into something exotic!

Become a Better Listener

Your partner feels safe and supported when they feel that you are really listening to them. Learn good listening techniques. Practice them with your partner. If it helps you to do this, tell your partner what you're doing. They will be pleased that you're doing work to help the relationship.

Show More Patience

You and your partner may have a different response to time. One may be laid back and the other always ready to jump ahead. Whichever you are, resolve to be more patient with your partner. If you both work on this together, you may find a middle ground that works for both of you.

Argue Less, Argue Better

Getting into less fights with your partner is a good resolution. Some of the above resolutions will help that. When you do argue, tone it down, get rid of the shouting and swearing, and remember why you are in a relationship.

Learn Something About Yourself This Year

Take some time to learn something about your own psychology and how it impacts your relationship. Some people struggle with getting into "deep" introspection. Other people have bookcases full of self-help books. Whichever you are, when you spend some time learning about yourself in relationships, you'll have a better understanding of how to improve yours.

Show More Love

This is almost cliche. But it's true that if you go through life showing love, it's a better place to be. Try different ways throughout the year to show love to your partner, and to others around you. At the end of the year you'll be able to look back and smile at your accomplishments.

Try adding a few of these resolutions to your New Year list. Small changes will improve your relationship.  You will enjoy each other more and feel more fulfilled with your connections. While other resolutions like joining the gym or watching less TV may get thrown out on January 2nd, your relationship resolutions are important enough to put energy into making them successful.

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