Marriage and the First Baby

One of the most important items in having a baby is choosing the name of the baby. Since ancient times, baby names have been based on many things but one of those is astrological sciences.  For example, numerology is very important in naming a baby.  The baby name you choose will have a numerological and astrological impact and meaning on the baby for the rest of their lives.  So seek the counsel of your advisors and know the impact and meaning of your baby name based on the astrological and numerology beliefs. 

Specifically in relation to having the first baby, many women feel annoyed by their husbands. Whether it be a touch of post partum depression or just the stress of a new baby, many women have trouble getting along with their husbands. Please note, according to the experts, this is normal as long as it’s not abusive.  

Women may be confused finding themselves wondering why they would be so annoyed by this person who helped create this beautiful new life with them. But it happens.  

It can be something so small as the husband forgetting to make the bed or not mowing the lawn. Truly in this stage, anything can trigger the annoying feelings. On the flip side, the often is true with the husband. He too can find himself annoyed by his wife. It seems when all is said and done, the house is a mess and so may you and your husband be. 

It may be astrological. It may be when your baby was born and how the universe is lining up. This is not something to dismiss. Just knowing this can help ease the negative feelings towards one another and lead to understanding and acceptance. Go to an advisor and see if this may be the case. 

But the bottom line is going from being a couple to being a threesome is wonderful, exhilarating and exciting. But it is also worrisome and exhausting.  This combination can be toxic to the romantic relationship that made you parents in the first place. It’s a big leap and it is a tough leap. 

The bad news is maintaining a marriage after having that first baby takes a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, these are two of the things you have the least of right now. 

The good news is working on your relationship will pay off in many good things in the long run.  If you can find a way to turn the resentful feelings towards one another into enjoying feelings towards one another you will be on the right path.   

It’s key that both of you pull your amount and share of the chores that have to be done. It can’t be all one sided.  If the mother is home all day taking care of the baby while the husband is working, then when the husband comes home, the roles have to switch. The wife needs to have a chance to do what she needs to do for her while the husband takes care of the baby. Sacrifices abound upon a marriage and the first baby.

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