March 11: New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in PiscesWhen it comes to our lives, we have a tendency to think we know everything - until something goes wrong. If the unexpected should occur, we begin to think we are completely confused about our lives and that we will be hopelessly lost forever.

All because we thought we knew what was right.

Instead of clinging so tightly to the idea that we are right or that we have to be right all the time, perhaps we can shift this idea (or at least question this idea) during the new moon in March. This moon asks us to think about how we might be holding onto old ideas and how we might be clinging to things as absolute truths. Instead, we might want to think about how we could loosen our grip by: 

  • Asking more questions – Start thinking about what you believe by asking more questions. These questions might be in your head or out loud or asked of others. Find out what others think and why they think it.
  • Being more curious – Begin to look at things in a curious way, just as a child might. Instead of thinking about what’s wrong about something, think about what you don’t know and what you could learn. Even if you don't agree with an idea you hear, it doesn’t hurt to try it out in your own life before you completely dismiss it.
  • Seeing all sides – Try to find ways to look at all sides of a discussion or a conversation. The more you do this, the more you will begin to see how the conversation or the discussion has many more facets to it. By being willing to listen to all sides, you might discover something that shifts your own perspective.
  • Finding other opinions – Seek out new opinions about what you think, or other ways of describing what you think you know. Or you can ask others in your life for input to see what they might say and how their ideas might influence your actions.

The more we can step outside of ourselves and what our definitions are, the less likely we are to be confused or upset when things don’t go our way. After all, when there is no ‘right’ way, then there also is no wrong way.

Our lives are filled with twists and turns and changes, and this is a good thing. Imagine what your life might look like if it was always the same – not a very exciting idea, is it?

You want things to keep moving, so your thoughts need to keep moving as well. You don’t want to get stuck in your patterns or your stories. 

Stop settling for what you think you know, and start asking about what you may be able to uncover next. Sometimes, you don’t know everything – and that’s a more exciting way to live. After all, it leaves opportunities to be surprised and amazed, instead of just disappointed that you were ‘wrong.’

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