Mans Best Friend: Does your pet match your astrological sign?

A dog is a man’s best friend… but tell that to a dog that’s stuck living with a human who has an opposing astrological sign! In reality, that dog may hate everything about you, from your decorating sense to the type of food you buy to the pace at which you walk. This type of discord can only make your relationship “ruff”.Before purchasing a pet, determine what the purpose is behind your purchase. Are you seeking adventure or a quiet companion to cuddle up with you as you read? Do you want an animal that is ferocious and ready to protect its master? Or are you seeking a pet that has an even temper and would get along well with kids?

Understanding what your needs are can help you narrow down what you should be looking for. Finding a pet with the astrological disposition best suited to meet your needs will increase the odds of a healthy, happy relationship.

The following list gives a general overview as to the characteristics your furry friend might possess. As always, getting a detailed chart reading will up your odds of finding that perfect match.

Aries: Pack leader. Needs a strong owner willing to give a little slack.

Taurus: Easygoing. A great match for anyone seeking a low-key companion who likes company but minimal drama.

Gemini: Spirited and interested, this pet needs constant stimulation. A perfect match for a coffee drinker or a family with kids.

Cancer: Emotional and needy, this pet requires constant love and attention.

Leo: Vain and proud. A fan of dress up and grooming… just don’t him look stupid.

Virgo: Regimented. Ideal for a predictable owner but not a good match for someone who might be late with the food.

Libra: Fickle and sometimes snobby.  Be prepared to give your best or get yapped at until you do.

Scorpio: Loyal and loving… until you cross them. Requires quality time or the shoes and carpet will suffer.

Libra: High energy, focused and task-oriented. Simple pet-toys need not apply.

Capricorn: Independent and stubborn, these animals operate on their own schedule. 

Aquarius: Expect the unexpected with this creative pet. Completely unpredictable, the antics of this one will keep you guessing.

Pisces: Often dissatisfied, this pet will always be looking for something better.

Choosing a pet is like choosing a mate. If you take the time to ensure your signs are compatible, less time will be spent watching the fur fly.

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