Making Summer Plans with Your Lover

Summer Plans PhotoWe’re half way through summer with plenty of time for you and your partner to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  You may have already taken a long vacation or experienced a big adventure with your partner. Don’t forget that there are a lot of little things you can do together before the end of the summer.

Flea Market Day

Make a list of all the flea markets and farmers’ markets in your area and spend the day visiting each one.  Look for the similarities in each one and the differences that make each one unique.  Sample some food at each market, hopefully something produced locally that reflects the “character” of the particular market.

Garage Sale Day

Do the same with garage sales. Make a list in two or three areas in your city and visit each one.  Which one had the better “stuff”? Which ones were more organized or had a unique presentation.  What made the memorable ones memorable?

Old Buildings Still Hold Up

Do you live in a city with a lot of old architecture? Spend a day taking a walking (or driving) tour with your partner to admire your city’s old buildings and monuments.  Most cities have a lot of old architecture hidden away or surrounded by new growth areas.  Those are the real finds! If you like to take photos, make a little scrap book of these places with each of your comments.

Just Trees

Do the same activity as above with your partner scouting out old trees in your city.  Old trees have character and can be amazing living sculptures! Take a camera with you and make a scrap book of black and white prints of the trees. Unless you photograph a tree in bloom, you’ll find that black and white will add a great feeling to the photos!

Outdoor Theaters

Most cities have one or more outdoor theaters where you and your partner can see a concert or play.  Pick one of each! If the facility has seating on the grass, opt for that and plan a picnic. Take food, drinks, chairs, blankets and make an evening of it!

Go Get Read

Find a psychic reader who specializes in love and relationships and get a reading done with your partner.  You will likely get separate readings done for each of you and perhaps a joint one as well.  Go to a little coffee shop afterwards and discuss the readings.  You and your partner will enjoy the quiet time after the readings to chat about what they mean to you.

Get a Backstage Pass for the Unexpected

If you have a zoo, aquarium or wildlife park in your city, look for opportunities to go “behind the scenes” with your partner. They will often have such things as part of a membership drive, or perhaps as a membership benefit. You will get to see how the food is prepared for the animals, how medical checkups and care is handled, and just what makes up a typical day in the life of the animals.

Work in a Park

Take your laptops and ebook readers to a park, and work or read for several hours. Take a picnic lunch for you and your partner. You may find that you are more creative when out in a park working as opposed to sitting at a desk inside all day. Whether it’s on a beach, next to a stream, on a bluff overlooking a valley or in a clearing surrounded by tall trees, the energy of the surroundings will fuel your work efforts!

Get Out of the House or Apartment With Your Partner!

While these are all simple ideas for fun summer outings with your partner, they are all designed to do something different together.  This is what keeps the excitement in a relationship. New and interesting experiences with your partner invigorates any relationship!

So get out of the house and do something different with your partner this summer!

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