Making Relationships Last

Making love last takes patience and understanding.  You must understand yourself, your partner and the relationship that you share.  There are many things that bring a love affair down- whether small imperfections of one another to problems that have grown and escalated to be major.  People who are wanting to maintain a long term relationship must work at it and eliminate problems as they occur.   

How to Make a Relationship Last 

Both parties in the relationship must be honest as to what they want.  This is essential.  Honesty in what the each partner wants from the relationship will help it last.  Long term relationships result because each person is communicative and honest as to their needs in the relationship and works at understanding and satisfying the other.  Should you not be getting what you want in a relationship and are not able to get the other partner to acknowledge your needs, then possibly you are in the wrong relationship. 

Time to improve yourself.  All relationships need partners that are not only interested in each other but interested in themselves.  It is important to focus on yourself and ways to improve yourself to better the relationship.  Relationships include knowledge, things to share, and time for yourself.  Take the time to be an individual as well and become someone that continues to be interesting. 

Learn to compromise.  While winning is nice, it isn’t’ necessary 100% of the time.  A healthy relationship requires compromise.   


Communication is the key to all successful relationships.  Although your partner may not always be easy to understand, understanding is vital.  Take time to communicate each day, set special time aside and listen to one another as well as share.  

Don’t allow money to be an issue.  Although finances may be tight, do not let them rule.  Learn ways to budget.  Check the weekly two for one deals at the supermarket.  Start shopping once a week buying two for one and stocking up- allowing yourself a variety of great foods for much cheaper.  There are many ways to budget.  Budget and don’t let the finances disrupt the relationship. 

While there is no perfect partner, there are those partners that were meant to be.  What you must remember in a relationship is always the other person and always to be compassionate, understanding and there.

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