Love vs. Lust

What a big question; are you in love are lust?  This is one of the most complex questions there is in life.  Both of these are parts of human behavior that seem to be impossibly connected.  For example you may be extremely attracted to someone but not feel love for them. But clearly you must know the difference between the two.  To truly understand the difference between love and lust you must look at them individually.

The reason is that when you are highly attracted to someone then you may think you love them but it is purely lust. And when you are in love with someone there is going to be lustful feelings. So to understand the complexity of the two let’s look at them individually. What is Love? Love can be described as the purest human experience.  It is far away from barriers, negativity and conditions.  It is a strong positive emotion that mixes five important things: peace, care, concern, truth and respect.  Love is a feeling of euphoria that when you see the person you love, your heart skips a beat.  

Love is a feeling that not only are you attracted to him/her but you do not feel like you can survive without them.  It’s a feeling that brings about a soul connection. Once you have fallen in love you will know it. Sadly many people end up in marriages or relationships thinking they are in love with their partner but they end up disappointed and broken up.  The attraction of love is a tender physical emotion of care and emotion not just want. 

Many people believe that love can be found in numbers and astrology and there can be a lot of truth to that. Certain signs and numbers are clearly more easily to love when they are together than others.  This too is worth considering looking in to. 

Commitment, sentiments blending and being together is the strong bases of being in love. When in love you don’t expect anything in return from your partner. This is a big difference between love and lust. Unconditional love is at the core of your heart and you are totally attached to the person you love. 

Love sometimes takes time. To experience it sometimes you have to give it time not lust.  Other aspects of love are that you are willing to sacrifice anything for the person you love and you have strong feelings of intimacy and trustworthiness.  

Lust on the other hand, is not a pure emotion.  Lust comes from negative desires. It also can come from prejudice, jealousy and intention.  Strangely, lust is about a physical desire to hurt someone’s feelings. Because the truth is it’s about sex and nothing more. It’s about attraction and nothing more. And it’s hopefully not in your cards as it usually ends up in remorse and negative feelings.  

Some would say lust is destructive behavior because of the results. And rarely are both parties wishes carried out. Perhaps in the beginning but eventually that will dissipate.   

Simply put, lust is about an emphasis on physical needs as opposed to a soul connection.  Quite frankly, you really don’t care about the person you are lusting. It’s just a physical attraction.  

Lust and love can be quite tricky. But in the end, love is far more real in creating lasting happiness.

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