Love and Psychics - What Horoscopes Can Tell Us About Love

Love and PsychicsI worked with a psychic several years ago who had been answering questions about love from people for over 30 years. I asked if she ever got tired of answering the same questions over and over. She told me that she couldn’t think of a more honorable profession than helping people to understand about love in their lives. That has stuck with me!

What can psychics tell us about love? And how do they use the different tools to do that (e.g. horoscopes, numerology, tarot)?

A good psychic pulls information out of you that you can’t see because you’re trapped in your own energy and physical body. Every thought and emotion is energy. Psychics are very intuitive and gain insights by sensing what is in your energy. If we all were unconstrained by our own bodies, we would be our own intuitives.

Sometimes we can do the work to become more aware of our own energy and will start to have our own epiphanies. We can call those people “enlightened”. But for most of us, psychics are a way to tap into our own energy when we can’t. 


Centuries of information exists about the affect of birth dates and times and the positions of the astronomical bodies on peoples lives.  When you read your horoscope, you get a little snippet of a vast encyclopedia about you.  When you have a professional astrologer create a chart for you, they will help you dive deeper into that information. They can help you to understand what phase of life you are in and what you might expect to experience. You might even feel your energy line up with your chart, because it already knows where you’re heading!


The imagery on the tarot cards allows the intuitive person to tap into those things that are in your energy field that line up with the images. When they turn over the card for struggle, change, abundance or love, they become connected to those energies that you put out. For example, in a tarot reading, the psychic turns over a card and says “You will travel next year and on one trip, you will meet a very important person to your life”. This means that your energy is already lined up with travel and the energy of someone else you are supposed to meet.

Psychics intuit possibilities.  It is up to us to turn possibilities into probabilities by being open and guided by our energy. People say “The psychic told me I’d meet someone but I didn’t”. If we look at that person’s life, we’re likely to find a lot of resistance to following their own energies and intuition. 

I-Ching, Runes, Divination Cards

I don’t mean to minimize the importance of these tools by lumping them together. They are all helpful and people are drawn to different tools. They all serve a similar function for the psychic and that is to stimulate their intuition to “read” your energy. Each one helps the reader to determine how your energy is lined up and where your life is headed, if you just follow your instinct.

Love is out There and Within You

Everybody everywhere is sending out the energy of love. Some people are just broadcasting it out into the world. Other people are sending it out hoping to connect with the energy of someone just like you.  Of course, we aren’t aware that it’s happening.  When we learn more about our energy and become conscious about it, we can begin to follow it out into the world, mold it and shape it and create the reality that we really want to experience.

This is how we become connected to our True Loves, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  It’s how we discover the path to our passions. Psychics and their tools teach us about our energy and get us started down a path. Once started, it’s up to us to do the work to become aware and connect with ourselves. This is the way that you create, in this life, your Ideal Life full of love!

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